When it comes to blogging, we write for others. We want to attract mountains of viewers and tons of eyes to our posts. Doing so allows us to garner new customers and impact as many people as possible. When we succeed in inspiring our audiences, we increase our readerships and thus our customer base. Inspiration is power; here’s how to achieve it:

Produce Unique Content

Standing out from the rest is the best way to bring in and keep viewers. If people can find the same content on thousands of other sites, why would they come to yours? Producing never-before-seen content – even if it’s an old concept that’s been modified – that’s what will truly inspire. Find your own specific niche and master it. Apple didn’t invent the cell phone, for example, but the company developed it’s own unique concept. They took a general and made a specific, an individual. Be like Apple; be the only one to offer what you’re offering.

Use an Authentic Voice


Can’t think of anything unique to write about? It’s difficult to generate new information. What you can always do to separate yourself from the masses is use an authentic voice. Use your own approach to share your information; write in your own style. When it comes to blogging, people really take a conversational approach like the one used on Modcloth’s blog.

Include Compelling Graphics

CJ Pony Parts.png

Images and videos easily capture the attention of viewers. They can often be more memorable than text and – as you’ve probably heard before – are worth a thousand words. They’re excellent tools for drawing people in. Take CJ Pony Parts, for instance, showcasing sexy, classic Ford Mustangs in order to reel in the audience. Much more effective than just using words, right?

Graphics also allow you to delve deeper (and more successfully) into the world of Pinterest. Do your blog a favor and supplement powerful written content with HD images or relevant videos. Just make sure you’re publishing graphics legally.

Utilize Powerful and Emotional Language in Your Headlines

The Verge.png

Readers are sucked in by powerful and emotional words. You should be using them throughout your content, but placing them in your headlines is particularly important. Those are some of the first words viewers will see; they’re the words that determine whether or not the content will be read. Consider “bubonic plague.” For most of us, this stirs up some sort of emotion, whether it’s disgust, fear or confusion. The term strikes a chord. Don’t be scared of powerful language.

Increase Shareability


Make social media buttons easily available to your readers. Place them at the very top (like Arooga’s Grille House) or very bottom of your pages. If viewers have to work at all to post your stuff on Facebook or Twitter, they probably won’t do it. The more people share, the more eyes will digest your content. The more eyes on the content, the more people to inspire. Plus, social media allows viewers a much more engaging, interactive experience. There’s limitless potential.

Use a Memorable Name

Conversations with a Human Heart.png

It’s the first thing visitors will see; your blog’s name is very important. Use one that is memorable and catchy – like “Conversations With a Human Heart” – in order to pique initial interest. Just make sure that you’re also being true to the tone and content of your blog when choosing the name. In the case of the example above, the blog name conveys the prosaic and thoughtfully emotional tone and subject matter discussed on the site, so visitors can get a rough idea of what to expect as they read.

Make Yourself Known


Not only is content important, but readers also want to know more about the author. Is the person behind the work similar to them in any way? Do they seem a dependable source? Feeling a connection to the writer will form a stronger loyalty to the content. Make your bio available and don’t shy away from personal details like those in my bio above. People will find you more relatable (and thus more inspiring) if they know you share outside-of-work interests and hobbies.

Write Consistently

A Beautiful Mess.png

In order to build a loyal following, you should be posting regularly. People will continue coming back for more if they know you will have new content for them.

Consider A Beautiful Mess – a crafty, feminine DIY blog. Although there are plenty of DIY blogs out there, this one is incredibly popular. Why? People know there will always be new content waiting for them – something new to digest with each and every visit. The authors post multiple times each week. You don’t necessarily have to post that often, but post very infrequently or sporadically, and people will become bored and untrusting.

Relate to the Reader

Thought Catalogue.png

Humans want to be understood. Publishing content that gets into their minds and makes them feel part of a greater whole – that’s the stuff readers will hungrily inhale. Look at some of the most viral posts in recent years – the lists that are most relatable, the recorded incidences that people can personally perceive – they’re always the most popular. How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are) is an article that has garnered over 4.5million views since it was published in late November of 2014. Why? It’s relatable.

Be a Trustworthy Source

As you try to generate unique content and use your authentic voice, you should never abandon truth. Readers should be able to trust you, so do research if it’s necessary. If ever it’s discovered that you’ve lied or stretched the truth, you won’t be inspiring anyone. Grand scale example? Look at NBC News’ Brian Williams: one allegedly false story and his whole career is under the microscope. Stick to honesty always to avoid such wariness from your readership.

Have fun inspiring!

Kayla Matthews is a writer and blogger who enjoys inspiring others at her blog, Productivity Theory. You can follow Kayla on Google+ and Twitter to read more of her latest posts.

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