daniel reedThis is a guest post by Daniel Reed, the Digital Marketing Manager for Sinch. He is responsible for growing traffic, converting signups and hustling for Sinch online. He is in Stockholm, Sweden if anyone wants to Fika. Say hi @kwaimind.

So many marketers are always on the move — going from meeting to meeting or city to city as teams become increasingly dispersed. Because Sinch is in the app/tech scene, I am really lucky to always be experimenting with new apps and tools, and have found some great productivity apps to help keep your digital marketing tasks in check when on the go.


The key to ensuring that marketing projects are moving forward is organization and planning. I manage my team via Asana (available on iOS and Android), which has a great app for keeping track of my tasks and adding and updating projects so that I don’t forget a great idea or a big project we are working on.

The app allows you to update comments and due dates to make sure that your team is working as smoothly as possible. This is much better than having to remember or write down a project update and then go back to your computer to update it.



The classic Twitter app is great for posting, retweeting, replying to DMs, and more. You can manage multiple accounts from the app by going into your profile, clicking the people icon, and switching between accounts there.

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Facebook Page Manager

Facebook has a good app for managing all of your Facebook pages. You can flick between different accounts, add posts, get analytics, etc. and it is really easy to use.



We do a lot of Q&A with Quora for developers in the app development space and those using Sinch. It’s helpful to be able to join these conversations at anytime from anywhere. It’s available on iOS and Android.


Product Hunt

Because we are in the tech space, I keep a close eye on Product Hunt to see what is happening on the app start up scene. Product Hunt has taken off in the past year and has an amazing community behind it. This is the perfect app to see what is being developed by start ups across the world and also offers a great community to take part in.



If you need to schedule a post on the move or review some previous Buffer posts, their app makes it super easy to do this straight from your smartphone.



The Mention app is great for keeping track of your brand and business online. Much better than Google Alerts, the Mention app will give you a push notification when they find a new mention for you online, across social media, websites, and even comments on blogs, all in real time.



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Analytics (by Google)

The Google Analytics app for iPhone is quite glitchy and not a finished product in my opinion, but it helps give you a mobile friendly view of your website data on the move. It also includes real time data and most of the traffic reports you need. It’s also available for Android.



If you attend events and meetups, Intro is a great alternative to business cards. Made by the team at About.me, you just need to add the email of the person you have met to send them your About.me profile.

Productivity apps for marketers



If This Then That (IFTTT) (iOS and Android) is all about making the Internet work for you by letting you connect two services together really quickly. Receive an email when there is a new thread on Reddit, or share a Facebook post with your Twitter audience all with a simple service. It’s free and has so much potential. Very similar to Zapier if you have used that.


The Bonus – Chrome/Safari Sync

If you use Chrome or Safari as your web browser, both have a fantastic cloud system to sync your history, passwords, and bookmarks across all of your devices. This is helpful if you suddenly need to check an online tool you are using or read a document without having to dig through your emails and find that password from six months ago.

To keep you synced and up to date, I would recommend that you set up this sync on your browsers and never lose access to your stuff.


So these are some of the tricks I use to stay on top of my digital marketing. What about you? Let me know in the comments.

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Daniel Reed is the Digital Marketing Manager for Sinch, a cloud based communications platform for developers to add calling and messaging to their apps with a powerful SDK. He is responsible for growing traffic, converting signups and hustling for Sinch online. He is in Stockholm, Sweden if anyone wants to Fika. Say hi @kwaimind.

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