Sifting through irrelevant posts is overwhelming, plus it’s a waste of time when a monitoring tool could do it for you. But brand monitoring can easily become part of your daily routine – it doesn’t need to take hours.

To prove it to you, we’ve created a 5-minute plan, especially for executives who want to monitor their brand’s success, and not waste time doing so. Even better? This can be done at your desk or on the go.

Prep: monitor the essentials

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s make sure you’re monitoring the right things. Otherwise, you can follow the rest of the directions perfectly and still have no pulse on who’s talking about your brand.

To start, there are a few types of keywords and conversations you should track on a daily basis:

  • Brand: find out who’s talking about your company name or products.
  • Influencers: identify your community’s leaders for future partnerships.
  • Competition: see what they’re up to and who’s talking about them.
  • Industry: get updates on news that could affect your brand or customers.

You may also want to monitor your brand through the eyes of the investment community. Shareholders not only value your product, but also consider a CEO’s reputation before investing.

For this, you can track:

  • Your key investors.
  • Prospective investors.
  • Names of company leadership.

Like we said before, even the best schedule won’t help you if you’re monitoring the wrong things. So set these alerts up and you’re ready for success.

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Prep: set a schedule

The reason you’re using a monitoring tool is so it can do the work for you, and you can be more productive. But that won’t happen if you’re looking at the “new mention” notification on your phone every time it dings.

Customize your alert settings so you’re not receiving notifications all day. The temptation to read every article or customer response that comes in is real. But you can tell Mention to notify you just once a day, through desktop, mobile, or email.

To do this:

  • Select “Settings” and choose “Manage Notifications.”
  • Update all notifications to arrive “Daily.”

Now that you’ve set everything up, we can dive in. This brand monitoring plan can be done daily in 5 minutes or less – we timed it ourselves.

1. Monitor your brand (2 minutes)

In 2 minutes, you can scroll through your unread mentions and see what’s up.

It’s easy to scroll through large volumes of mentions and get sidetracked, so setting a goal will help you stay focused. For example, your company may have just announced a new feature for your product, and you want to check only positive feedback on Twitter.

Once your goals are set, you’ll want to filter your alerts. Let’s take a look at the dashboard to see how we can do this.

The Best 5 Minute Brand Monitoring Plan

  • “Source” is where a mention came from (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
  • “Folder” selects mentions stored in certain folders (archive, trash, inbox, irrelevant).
  • “Status” shows you mentions you’ve prioritized (priority, favorites).
  • “Language” is the language of your mention’s source.
  • “Date range” will show you mentions from the last month, week, or a customized range.

2. React to mentions (1 minutes)

Executives who tell their company story online are able to connect with a much wider network of stakeholders. And there are plenty of ways to do it.

You can:

  • Reply directly to company mentions from your own account.
  • Share your brand’s content (also supporting your team).
  • Share insightful industry news.
  • Participate in forums or community groups.
  • Thank influencers or partners who supported your latest campaign.

However you decide to engage, you can do it consistently under one minute a day. You can react and respond to social mentions right from your dashboard.

You can also choose to organize your alert the following ways:

  • Archive the mention (save it for later).
  • Favorite it.
  • Delete the mention.
  • Mark it as irrelevant.
  • Block the source (nobody likes a spammer).

If you’re seeing a lot of mentions that aren’t relevant to your key terms, you can mark them as irrelevant. Mention’s algorithm will learn what matters to you. Part of your monitoring goals could be to spend 30 seconds optimizing this.

It’s always worth it. A few seconds now means less time spent in the future.

3. Analyze brand sentiment (1 minute)

Once you’ve gone through unread mentions, you can take a step back from individual mentions to look at the bigger picture. Through analytics, you can see:

  • Which countries your mentions are coming from.
  • The tone and sentiment ratio of your mentions.
  • Where (web, Facebook, Twitter, news, etc.) you’re being talked about most.
  • Which influencers are engaged with your brand.

The Best 5 Minute Brand Monitoring Plan

To personalize your report, you can:

  • Select “Alerts” to choose and compare different alerts.
  • Select “Period” to adjust the dates shown.
  • Choose “Filter” to sort by language, online source, type, and sentiment.

Be on the lookout for trends here. When you’re looking at individual mentions in your alert stream, they won’t be as obvious as in this bird’s eye view.

4. Delegate to your team (1 minute)

You can’t handle every mention that comes through – you only reserved a minute, after all. That’s why you hired talented people. Save time by working with your team and sharing assignments.

If you spot an issue, say an important customer has a problem with a new product update, you can assign the mention to the right person. That way your tech team can be alerted and address the bug.

To assign a mention:

  • Select the mention.
  • Click “Assign” in the top pane of the mention preview.
  • Choose the person to send the mention to and add instructions if you’d like.
  • Click “Assign.”

Your colleague will be notified right away via email and mobile push notification. The message will also pop up in the bottom lefthand corner of their dashboard and their tasks pane for the alert.

Don’t miss a thing

Want to make sure you don’t miss anything related to your brand? Then monitoring consistently is key. As an exec, embracing this routine will help you run your business. Insights gained will help you plan product decisions, handle branding issues, and grow your business.

Want more help monitoring your brand? Let us lend a hand:

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