Richard is the Android Developer at Mention where he always tries to find new ways of making our little green robot more awesome. Say hi at @richard_phol

Ever since we launched the new version of Mention’s Android app back in July, we’ve been rolling out a number of improvements to make the experience even better. We’ve added social account management, the ability to assign tasks directly in the app, as well as an update to notifications with more options.

Today, we’re releasing the biggest addition to Mention for Android yet: Statistics.

Android Stats   Screenshot_2014-10-27-10-09-38   Screenshot_2014-10-27-10-09-46

With this update, available now on the Play Store, you can view and adjust a graph showing your mention frequency over the past 30 days, track sentiment trends, analyze which sources see the most mentions, and even get a breakdown by location — all on the go from your Android device.

View location and language data for your mentions on the go.

Location data is not yet available on our iOS app (coming soon), so this is actually an Android exclusive at the moment.

We consider this update another sign of our dedication to delivering the best possible Android-specific experience that we can. We hope you like it!

Have any feedback on our Android app? Leave your thoughts in the comments below — we look forward to hearing how we can continue to improve!

Richard Phol is the Android Developer at Mention where he always try to find new ways to make our Android app awesome. Say hi at @richard_phol.

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