Content and conversions. They’re two things we want to work really well together for our own marketing teams, right? We spend most of our time writing and promoting this content – it needs to do something for our businesses in the long run.

It needs to convert.

And there’s a ton of ways the two can work together – content can lead to a conversion; but it can also be one. For example, an ebook download is both a piece of content and a conversion. You’ve got to love the parts of your marketing plan that can pull double duty like that!

So, how exactly are the smart marketers of the universe marrying content marketing with conversion rate optimization? That’s what we aimed to find out at #MentionChat last Thursday!

If you weren’t able to join us and Instapage last week, don’t worry about missing out on the great tips everyone shared. We rounded up some of our favorite tweets from the chat for you:

Q1. How does CRO affect your company’s content marketing?

  • “It’s the long-tail strategy for conversions, but since it takes approximately 12 touchpoints with a lead before they purchase, it makes sense to invest in evergreen content to drive visitors back to your site.” – Instapage
  • “Great content can attract someone, but CRO is important in helping make sure they convert!” – Chelsea Hunersen
  • “Create content that helps people even if they don’t know your org or know they need your service.” – Localist

Q2. What type of content tends to convert best for your company?

  • “Content that is sizable/snackable/shareable converts the best! It’s about high value content in the format people want it. – Ben Heyman
  • “Blogging inspires initial connection. Case studies, tear sheets, traditional marketing influences conversion.” – Nathan Ellering
  • “Whatever helps people do their jobs better ASAP. People don’t have time to read content that doesn’t have an immediate return.” – Adrienne Sheares

Q3. What’s most important to you when looking to optimize your content?

  • “Produce content with your consumer in mind. What format do they want, how do they want to consume it and when?” – Ben Heyman
  • “Optimized content should at least feel a bit, un-optimized … Feels a bit more natural that way.” – Eric Cozart
  • “Optimize for the reader above all. Share a resource, solve a problem, help audience do their jobs better, etc.” – Emily Maxie

Q4. How do you use content marketing to drive traffic to landing pages?


  • “Primarily we use call-to-actions on our well-performing blogs! Otherwise content is mostly behind LPs.” – Chelsea Hunersen
  • “Great content + persona-relevant CTAs = landing page traffic” – Emily Maxie
  • “Guest blogging, multiple shares on Twitter, webinars…don’t wanna add to this list!” – Razwana Wahid

Q5. What are common mistakes you made or observe others doing?

  • “Content mistakes I hate — Corporate speak and making life harder for me. Let me easily travel through your funnel.” – Adrienne Sheares
  • “Making everything about you and your company. Three words that should never be on a landing page are “We”, “Our” and “Us.”” – Muhammad Fahad
  • “Some content mistakes: Grammar, spelling error, inconsistency, and repetitiveness in writing.” – Cherry Kwan

Q6. What top three tools are essential for optimizing your content?

  • “My favorite tools for the content itself: Hemingway App, CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, and Grammarly.” – Brittany Berger
  • “Well, K have to say Uprise_io (sorry), Google Analytics, and Sumome right now.” –
  • “Top 3? I can go on about tools for ever…Buzzsumo is great, Grammarly and CoSchedule all rock!” – Eric Cozart

Q7. What does something like a blog post need in order to convert a reader to customer?

  • “Content that solves a problem and product that’s an upgrade + gives the entire solution and then some.” – Razwana Rahid
  • “Solve a problem with real examples and providing solutions that actually work. It needs to be realistic.” – Cherry Kwan
  • “Personally I like the content to be step by step in nature with images.. Then I’ll jump on a list no prob.” – Eric Cozart

Brittany Berger is a content marketer helping B2B companies and entrepreneurs create unicorn content that shows personality and demands attention. Connect with her on Twitter at @thatbberg.

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