“French Tech,” as it’s called by many, continues to become increasingly active as evidenced by the inauguration of 37Studio, the largest space for innovative startups specializing in “Software as a Service,” or SaaS.

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Launched by eFounders, this space already hosts several startups in the heart of the Parisian neighborhood known as “Silicon Sentier” – the Silicon Valley of France. Amongst them:

* Mention, a media monitoring app for online reputation management.

* PressKing, a service for companies to manage their press and media relations.

* PAYMILL, a payment service provider to easily accept online and mobile payments.

* 99designs, world’s largest maketplace for graphic design with 270 000 designers.

* Wait a Moment, a startup reducing queues for companies and saving time for consumers.

* Front, a collaborative inbox for teams to work together on company emails.

* Aircall, the simple, powerful and collaborative phone system for entrepreneurs and companies.

All of these companies share the common goal of bringing software solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. “Coming together in one place allows these companies to increase their visibility, as well as their interaction together, to position themselves vis-à-vis the U.S. giants in a market experiencing an explosion that could exceed $20 billion by 2015,” says Thibaud Elzière, founder of Fotolia and co-founder of eFounders.

While the startups of 37Studio have located their headquarters in Paris, they’re not hesitating to tackle the US market. For example, 50% of mention’s entire user base is already in the US, with the opening of an office there being planned for this year.

Emphasizing the dynamism of France’s current “Software as a Service” industry will no doubt be of interest to François Hollande, in the framework of his upcoming visit to Silicon Valley, the first time a French President has been to the region in 30 years.

Clément Delangue is the chief marketing officer of Mention, an application that lets you know what people are saying about you, your company or your competitors online. Before joining mention, he worked for eBay after being one of the first French professional sellers at age 17. He also co-founded several startups, including UniShared and VideoNot.es.

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