Google Alerts have never been perfect. That’s why we decided to build mention 1 year ago.

Well, since a few months, things have worsened for Google Alerts.

More and more people are complaining about it.

– According to @DannySullivan (from @MarketingLand & @SEngineLand):

“it’s become nearly useless” (full article here)

– According to @FinancialBrand,

“Google Alerts was once a very important and efficient tool to monitor mentions of your brand on the web. It is now so unreliable that it has been rendered effectively useless.” (full article here)

– According to @egabbert (editor at @WordStream):

“Google Alerts Don’t Always Work” (full article here)

These are only some randomly picked articles amongst many others.

As Google Alerts’ service is becoming useless, we have a tremendous opportunity to be the best alternative. But we won’t stop there. We want to do a much better job than Google Alerts, and that is what we have been working on as from day 1.

What did we do?

Firstly, we developed an anti-noise technology (based on bayesian filters + machine learning) that gives you only relevant mentions and we built a ‘priority inbox’ algorithm that calculates the authority of the source to surface and filter only important mentions accordingly.

Secondly, we developed a service that is real-time and collaborative, allowing teams to work on the same mentions’ feed and to simultaneously react on the mentions.

Finally, we combined both web (news, blogs, forum, pictures, videos, etc…) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter) monitoring to make sure nobody misses anything about his mentions.

Cherry on the cake, we are available on most popular platforms : web app, desktop app (mac, PC, linux), chrome app, iPhone app, Android app, iPad customized web app.


And, it’s only the beginning…


Happy monitoring 🙂

Half philosopher, half rocker, half entrepreneur. CEO & Cofounder of mention.

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