It’s common wisdom that Google Alerts have been broken for years. Last week, the story’s gotten even worse with the announcement of the end of Google Alerts via RSS, the only feature that has been updated since the launch of Google Alerts back in 2003.

As another addition to Google’s summer cleaning spree, resulting directly from the end of Google Reader, it reinforces the need for an alternative solution for millions of businesses, small or large, who need to manage their online presence. This is exactly what the new mention has been built for.

And today, we’re making it even easier for everyone to switch from Google Alerts to mention by launching the ability to export your Google Alerts to mention in a matter of seconds. And for free.

All you have to do is to is to connect to your Google account to export your Google Alerts in CSV and then import them to mention. Once you’ve done this, it’s just a matter of second to get your RSS url to be pasted into any RSS reader, enabling you to read your alerts, just like if Google Alerts and Google Reader never disappeared.

And by doing this, you’ll see how mention has even taken it to the next level. In addition to monitoring your visibility, mention empowers you to analyze your online presence and work smartly as a team, for free. This, along with many other powerful and collaborative features.

There’s no reason anymore not to switch. To finally taste the very best of the web to manage your online presence.

Clément Delangue is the chief marketing officer of Mention, an application that lets you know what people are saying about you, your company or your competitors online. Before joining mention, he worked for eBay after being one of the first French professional sellers at age 17. He also co-founded several startups, including UniShared and

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