Growth has always been a popular subject when it comes to startups. That’s especially true in France, where startups are sometimes seen as falling short of Silicon Valley’s insanely fast pace. But as examples like Criteo and Fotolia show, that common wisdom’s changing. And after strong growth for the past twelve months, mention is now joining the ranks of this emerging startup acceleration in the heart of Paris. Today, we’re announcing that we’ve reached half a billion mentions detected by our users on our platform since launching in the beginning of last year. These mentions have been detected thanks to almost 200,000 user-created alerts, all centered around the specific keywords that matter to them and to their brands most, whether it’s their name, their company’s name, or even their competitors.

These numbers show that it’s now more important than ever not only to monitor mainstream news websites, but also forums, blogs, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as mention does. As a matter of fact, given that more and more people are increasing their online engagement by talking about the brands, products, and places that matter to them most in their daily lives, conversations (and so mentions) are being spread out around ever smaller and smaller sources, different (and more difficult to find) than ever before.

And to take advantage of the momentum that we’ve seen, we’re happy to announce the addition of new staff. Alex Manthei, former Publisher US Market at AppGratis, where he worked on US comms, Arthur Monnet, co-founder of Faveous and Reewardio, and Clément Delangue, former eBay and Moodstocks, co-founder of UniShared and all join the team full-time, in a brand new office within the eFounders startup studio.


In addition to the initial co-founders, Edouard de La Jonquière, former CapGemini, Thibaud Elziere, co-founder of Fotolia, Quentin Nickmans, Didier Forest and Arnaud Le Blanc, these new recruits will help foster this intense growth, improving the product and scaling monetization. The whole team will do a workshop this week on the subject of scaling a startup, part of the “Journées du Patrimoine des Startups,” a popular event to promote French Startups.

And as Edouard de la Jonquière, our CEO explains: “We’re still looking for a front-end developer, a sales representative in the US, and inside sales interns for the French, Spanish, and German markets.” To reach a billion mentions before the end of this year?

Clément Delangue is the chief marketing officer of Mention, an application that lets you know what people are saying about you, your company or your competitors online. Before joining mention, he worked for eBay after being one of the first French professional sellers at age 17. He also co-founded several startups, including UniShared and

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