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How Brands Excel With Social Customer Care [Infographic]

How Brands Excel With Social Customer Care [Infographic]

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The importance of social media as a marketing and advertising tool can’t be stressed enough. Social platforms provide a massive audience, and opportunities for your content to reach further than before.
But many companies and businesses are now also using social media as a way of reaching their clients, to solve problems and offer the best service. Social networks give customers a direct line to businesses, and remove the need for support forms and slow email chains.
If you’re not offering social support, it’s time to consider it.
To demonstrate the value of social customer care, here are some of the ways in which businesses benefit from it regularly.

Increase customer advocacy

Customer advocacy is a form of customer service in which brands focus on what is best for the customer. According to Website Builders, when customer complaints are responded to on social media, customer advocacy is increased by almost 25%.

Build brand loyalty

Customers will be loyal to a brand they feel cares about their needs. Therefore, if a brand reaches out to their customers or prospective customers, 65% of these people are likely to remain loyal to the brand.

Receive more recommendations

Brands that have invested their time and efforts to reach out to their customers often receive positive recommendations from them. In fact, 71% of customers who have had a positive social media customer care experience recommend the product or services to others.

Share good experiences

Social media platforms have enabled customers to share their good experiences with certain brands with other people. 75% of users of products actually share their experiences using social media.

Get more good reviews

When customers reach out to brands and get a response, they are likely to recommend it more by 30%. This is because the brand has shown that they care about their consumers.
These are just a few key benefits of good customer support through social. The following infographic takes this idea even further.

Why social customer care is so valuable

The Rise of Social Media Customer Care
Source: Websitebuilder

Start using social media for better customer care

Customers expect (and deserve) support when they need it. They also want to be able to talk to you on where it suits them. These days, that means on social media.
Your business can’t afford to offer subpar customer service. Take your support to the social networks, and start benefiting from the connections built with your buyers.
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