Consumers are now turning to social media for their support needs. Interactions on Twitter alone rival other customer service vehicles such as support tickets, email, or help centers.

Accepting this shift requires you to both adopt the mindset of a social business and to invest in the right tools that will allow you to always be there for your customers with better (and faster) customer support.

We “drink our own champagne,” and use Mention for our support activities. Mention allows us to capture conversations and quickly engage with the people talking directly to us, as well as the 31% talking about us without using our Twitter handle.

Here’s how you too can use Mention for customer support by capturing, reporting, and quickly responding to all company mentions across the web and social:

1. Set up your alerts for maximum results

When creating your company alert, be sure to include all variations of your brand name (including any common misspellings, compounding two words, etc.) to capture all potential opportunities for engagement.

To create your alert:

  • Select “Create new alert” in the upper left corner.
  • Name your alert.
  • Select all keywords you want this alert to capture.
    • One or two keywords is usually enough. Start simple and refine your alerts once you see what’s coming in.
    • Click the “+” sign to add up to 4 additional OR statements.
    • Pro tip: No need to add quotation marks (“ ”)  or a hashtag (#) when you set up your alerts. Mention monitors the exact word or phrase, just as it’s written.
  • Use “Advanced settings” to get more specific with AND and NONE statements (only add these if you’re seeing too much noise in the alert).
    • AND keywords must be present in a mention for it to be delivered. Mentions with NONE keywords will be filtered out.
Create an Alert
How you can create your very first alert in Mention

Don’t forget to connect your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts so that you can react to company mentions in second.

connect social
How to connect your social accounts to react instantly

You can always add more later by clicking on the gear symbol next to the alert’s name on the left hand side of the app.

edit alert

After setting up your alert, Mention will import 24-hours of previous mentions, and all mentions after that.

2. Optimize your notifications

You can optimize any alert in Mention to receive notifications on your desktop, web, or mobile application instantly, every 5 minutes, hourly, daily, or never.

When using the platform for support, we suggest selecting either the instant notification or every 5 minutes option, especially if you have a team member(s) solely responsible for support.

How to manage your Mention notifications with a few clicks of the mouse

3. React instantly & assign tasks

React to any mention of your company instantly by clicking “reply” on a tweet. For Facebook and LinkedIn posts, as well as forum comments (on Quora, for example), simply click on the “read more” link or source URL to respond. These continued conversations will also appear in your Mention feed, which is useful when pulling reports (discussed below).

How to react to your mentions instantly

Don’t know the answer to a customer query? Assign a team member a task to react. This is helpful if there’s a question that only the tech team can answer — or if it’s in a language you do not speak, but your CMO does, for example.

Don’t have an answer? Assign a task to a teammate

4.  Reporting & iterating

With Mention, pull customized reports based on mention sentiment, location, language, day, or type (favorite or priority). Just click on “Statistics & Exports” in the drop down under your alert name.

How to pull in-depth reports in just a couple of minutes

 These reports allow you to:

  • Determine what type of support query and questions you receive most frequently
    • Pro tip: Consider incorporating the answers to these questions where they will be easy to find, such as your FAQ, help center, a blog post (yay, new content!), a webinar, Twitter chat (yay, engagement!), etc.
  • Discover which days you’re receiving the most queries (do you need night and weekend heroes?)
  • In what languages (do you need a bilingual support team?)
  • Where mentions are coming from (what hours or time zones should your team be working in?)

5. Integrations to keep your team in the loop

With Zapier, you can integrate Mention with a ton of apps for nearly endless if-then options. We have Mention integrated with Slack, our chosen messaging client (also available for Hipchat), so that every time a team member favorites a mention in the platform, our entire team receives an alert in our team room.

This is really great for bringing critical issues to everyone’s attention simultaneously and  for sharing coverage of your company and celebrating the “wins” or kind words said about your product, company, or team.

All of the integration options with Zapier

Why support matters

Of course you already know why support matters — we all want our customers to be happy, and potentially become loyal brand advocates.

Happy customers mean long term customers, and retention is directly correlated with revenue. For my parting words, I offer up some of my favorite stats for consideration:

  • A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75% (Bain & Company).
  • It’s 50% easier to retain a customer than it is to recruit a new one (Marketing Metrics).
  • Attracting new customers will cost your company 5 times more than keeping an existing customer (Lee Resource Inc. via Forbes).
  • A discouraged person is 59% more likely to share an experience with their friends than a satisfied person (

Have questions about using Mention?

Leave them in the comments below, chat with our support team any time at, or of course, tweet at us @mention. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Shannon Byrne is the Content & PR Manager at Mention where she crafts words, creates strategies, and recruits loyal advocates. She’s based in New York. Get in touch with her at @ShannnonB.

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