It’s an essential function of a product manager’s job to know how customers are interacting with the product — different use cases, any issues or bugs, what the most used features are, least used features are, etc.

The thing is, customers don’t always tell you outright how they’re using the product, especially if they’re not having any issues with it. But in order to make changes quickly to remain valuable to your customers, you have to constantly keep a pulse on what they’re saying and be ready to react.

That’s why many product managers work very closely with their community managers and/or leverage social listening and media monitoring to see what customers are saying about their product across the web and social. With Mention, you can do both. Here’s how:

Set up alerts to capture all company and product mentions

When creating your alert, you have the option to include several “or” keywords in order to capture any variations of your brand or product name, including misspellings.

If you want to monitor just a specific use case of your product, you can add an “and” keyword. For example, if we only wanted to know how customers were using Mention in relation to customer support only, we would create an alert for Mention with the OR keywords “Mention,” “,” “,” and the AND keyword as “support.”

If your brand has a very general name, you can also exclude keywords from your results. General Assembly, for example, excludes “United Nations” in their alert, as their brand as nothing to do with international politics.

To set up an alert, simply click “Create new alert” and fill out your keywords:

Create an Alert

Optimize your notifications

You can optimize any alert in Mention to receive notifications on your desktop, web, or mobile application instantly, every 5 minutes, hourly, daily, or never.

If you want really tight feedback loops (the time in which it takes to receive feedback and react/respond to the issue at hand), you can set your notifications for instantly or every 5 minutes.

Go to: Settings -> Manage notifications:


Keep your team in the loop

With Mention, you can send any company mentions directly to your team members. Let’s say someone has an issue with a brand new feature that’s being heavily promoted. You can immediately assign the mention to your communications team so that they know to halt all promotions until you get the bug fixed. The reverse of this situation is probably more common, and very helpful as well.

To assign a task, simply click on the mention -> select “New task” -> choose the action you wish to be take and team member -> and click “Assign”:


Respond directly to customers

As the product manager, you hold most if not all of the answers to any product issues. By listening to what your customers and greater community are saying within Mention, you have the power to respond directly to them to answer any questions or request any actions, immediately.

To react, click on the mention (applicable to tweets) -> select reply -> choose which social account you want to reply with -> hit “Tweet”:


Voila: Tighter feedback loops!

There you have it. You’ve now shortened the time it takes to receive customer feedback, respond, get your team on the same page, fix whatever needs to be fixed (if that’s the case), and get to work on the next big feature release! This approach to product management will help your team stay agile and on their toes. More importantly, it will help you bring your product to its next level much faster.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

Shannon Byrne is the Content & PR Manager at Mention where she crafts words, creates strategies, and recruits loyal advocates. She’s based in New York. Get in touch with her at @ShannnonB.

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