If you’re using media monitoring to build and protect your brand, you’re probably sitting on a ton of information. Millions of mentions from social media, forums, and the web. You need to make sense of all that data without an army of number crunchers.

Introducing Mention’s new Insights Center, our built-in tool to help you create the perfect graphs and analyze your data better.

Instead of being stuck with default visualization options, you get to take the reins. Choose the alert, data source, and style of graph yourself.

From now on, you decide how you want to see your monitoring data.

Why is this so special?

Most monitoring apps don’t give you a choice. They have set displays that you can’t change. You’re stuck with what you see.

But here, you choose how you view your data. This gives you the power to:

Measure your KPIs

Launching a new product, or maintaining a long-running marketing campaign? You’ve set specific milestones, and you want to hit them.

Now you can create your own custom graphs using only the information that matters to you. This is especially helpful when you’re monitoring a range of topics and looking for different trends in each.

Simply choose the alert you want to examine, the metric you want to measure, and how you want to view it:

This flexibility lets you zero in on the most important information. Find out what worked in your campaign, and where you need to improve.

Choose right style for your KPIs

It’s not just the kinds of data that you control. You can also display your data any way you choose.

For instance, a pie chart is perfect to show market share versus your competitors. But what if you want to see how that share has grown over time? Change to a bar or line graph, and see whether your share is improving.

This flexibility is great for preparing reports and presentations. You can build these however you like, but it’s also useful for analysis. When you see data presented differently, you often come to different conclusions.

You’re in complete control.

Go from overarching trends to precise data points

One benefit of data visualization is being able to find larger patterns among thousands of individual data points. You can look through every mention individually, or zoom out to get the bigger picture.

Let’s say you’re looking at the sentiment of your brand’s social mentions over the last month. You notice a massive spike in positive social conversations on October 3.

You want to know why.

Click on that spike on October 3, and you’ll see a list of mentions from that day.


A quick scroll will show you what’s got everyone talking. Perhaps you launched a fresh marketing campaign or new product, or a got a shout out from an influencer.

The ability to go from macro to micro makes your data more actionable. Not only can you see larger trends, but you can quickly drill down to their cause, and respond where appropriate.

How does this help you?

That’s all nice, but how can you actually use this information?

Get even deeper brand insights

Media monitoring is perfect for learning more about your brand, its social presence, and your PR performance. You collect thousands – even millions – of individual mentions of your keywords.

Now that’s what we call “big data.”

In order to understand this information and put it to use, you need to look for trends.

Evaluate your marketing campaigns

If you’ve put time and effort into a campaign, you need to know whether it was a success, especially if you’re planning more in the future. If you want to use the same strategy again, make sure it was sound in the first place.

The Insights Center shows you:

  • How many people can see your campaign
  • Where people talked about it online
  • How its online audience responded
  • When the campaign was most popular

And as we know, you can see this in any graph you like. This is vital to see how your campaign really went, and what changes you need to make next time.

Report to clients

If you’re at an agency or consultancy, you’re constantly reporting to clients. Whatever their goals are, you need to prove that you’re meeting them.

Now, you can create reports out of any monitoring data you collect, effortlessly. If they want to see how their social following is growing compared with their rivals’, that’s easy. If they want to see their social reach over the last three months, you can show them that.

And these graphs are totally customizable. Change the data, the layout, and even the colors.

And it’s easy to use

The best part is that the interface is totally intuitive. There’s no fiddling with Excel formulas, and zero design know-how required.

Just click on the data you want to examine, apply any filters you want, and enjoy the results. Couldn’t be simpler.

Plus it all updates live. Play around and find the trends that matter to you. Who knows, you may find whole new areas to monitor and explore.

With Insights Center, you take control of your monitoring data.

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Patrick Whatman is Head of Content at Mention. He lives in Paris, loves music, and writes his own brand of cultural criticism for fun. Tweet him @mrwhatman where he mainly talks digital marketing, American sports and New Zealand trivia.

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