Editor’s note: since publishing this post, the Insights Center has been revamped completely with brand new features. Check it out here.

You’ve probably noticed that there have been some changes on the statistics page. Well, a lot of changes, actually. And they’re just what you asked for.

You’ve cried, yelled, and screamed for certain features and new insights. We listened (that’s kind of what we’re about) and took your suggestions and built the Insights Center to kickstart your monitoring in 2016.

Introducing three new dashboards for analytics!

You’ve told us how important dashboards are for generating meaningful insights and make sense of data. So we created three new, detailed dashboards (available for Growth, Company, and Enterprise plans) to make it easier than ever to analyze and learn from your alerts.

1. Listening Dashboard


The Listening Dashboard is the new, cooler cousin of the old overview in your Insights Center. You can now:

  • View mentions, sentiment, average mentions/day, and more.
  • Identify the top sources of your mentions.
  • Zoom in on your map to view mention numbers by country – in the U.S., you can even drill down by state.
  • See top stories ranked by influencer score.
  • Find related topics and keywords included in mentions.
  • Select multiple alerts to see combined data.

2. Competitive Dashboard


Let’s be honest. We stalk our competitors, you stalk your competitors – we’re all creepers. So we’ve made it easier for everybody to look at insights collected from their spying (i.e. competitor monitoring). Meet the Competitive Dashboard.

You’ll be able to:

  • Select two or more alerts to compare their online presences.
  • View share of voice and sentiment charts to analyze your market.
  • See activity charts to identify mention patterns and trends.
  • Map your share of voice by country – also by states for the U.S.

3. Twitter Dashboard


Most of you are dedicated Twitter users, so we made a dashboard just for monitoring Twitter. Visit it to:

  • View followers growth over time.
  • Look at engagement and break it down by different activity types.
  • See the location distribution of your followers.
  • See your most engaging tweets.

With these and the 2 influencers dashboards you already have, learning more from your alerts is now super easy and (almost) fun!

Pro tip: don’t forget to log in regularly to optimize your alerts (clear out irrelevant mentions, block spammers, etc.) so your dashboards show the best and most relevant data for your brand.

How are you going to use your new dashboards? Log in now to try them out!

Joei is a Content Marketer at Mention, where she turns dry, uninspired content to engaging narratives. Or at least she tries to. Is usually eating otherwise. Connect with her on Twitter @joeei.

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