Monitoring your Twitter account can be a pain in the neck.

It’s hard to know whether you’re making ground, or just treading water. To be a better tweeter, you need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Introducing our brand new Twitter dashboard. Available to Company plans, it lets you monitor the success of your Twitter accounts in depth, directly from Mention.

  • Tweet engagement
  • Follower growth
  • Your followers’ locations
  • Your followers’ languages

Let’s take a look at these features, using our own account as an example. We’re looking at the last 30 days, but you can choose any time period.

So how has @Mention been performing over the last month or so?

Mention Twitter Dashboard

We sent 621 tweets in the last month, 22% more than the month before. That led to 2,034 engagements, 13% less than the month before. If we’re sending more tweets but seeing less engagement, we might need to rethink how we’re tweeting.

To really analyze engagement, we have the Engagements graph.

Twitter Engagement Chart

You know to replicate strategies from high engagement days and rethink the content from lower days.

To see where we did the best, check out the pretty Languages and Locations charts. Hovering gives you the follower count:

Twitter Engagement Map

The darker the color, the stronger the following. Clearly, we’re strongest in the United States, then France and the United Kingdom.

Finally, we have top tweets. It shows which tweets have performed best over your chosen time frame.

Twitter Top Stories

And there you have it. No more guesswork when it comes to Twitter performance.

Log in and make analyzing your Twitter performance a breeze.

Happy tweeting!

Patrick Whatman is Head of Content at Mention. He lives in Paris, loves music, and writes his own brand of cultural criticism for fun. Tweet him @mrwhatman where he mainly talks digital marketing, American sports and New Zealand trivia.

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