Link building has been, and always will be, vital to a successful SEO strategy for achieving high organic search rankings.

A backlink is like a recommendation letter, with Google as your prospective employer. The more recommendations you have, the higher you’re going to rank. And the ultimate goal is getting hired on page one.

This infographic will show you the importance of link building, but more than that, it will show you what to look for when building these crucial pathways to your site.

Building backlinks now and in the future

Today’s’ infographic covers everything from the importance of link building, to the ways it affects your SEO, and finally, what to look for in every link you pursue.

Ultimately, these are the key takeaways you should have when starting a blog:

  • Link building is the process of earning backlinks from reputable sites that point to your own.
  • A great strategy will earn you more organic traffic, trust, and ultimately more conversions.
  • There are over 20 different factors that decide the quality of a single backlink.

Ultimately, it’s about content distribution.

You want more eyeballs on your content, and your efforts here will ensure that the people coming from other sites are going to love what they see when they arrive.

Without further delay, check out the full infographic below:

Link Building Guide
Credit: On Blast Blog

Do you actively work on the backlinks to your content? Let us know which link building strategies have worked for you and your site in the comments!

Matt Banner is the owner and writer for On Blast Blog, a resource for online bloggers and entrepreneurs both new and old. You can reach him via Twitter @blastyourblog.

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