In a time where social media marketing is widely used, it’s easier than ever to get your business’s links shared and your content seen. However, there is so much content coming from so many different places it’s difficult for users to shift through the wide array of posts and information that’s promoted on social media.

Although it can be tough to get noticed, there are a few routes to take to get your content noticed and shared to a wider audience.

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1. Present Yourself as an Authority

Whether you’re composing a lengthy blog post or a simple status update, always position yourself as an authority on the discussed topic. This doesn’t give you the liberty to go overboard and talk about every subject as if you were an expert.

However, if you know your business provides a unique perspective on a sought-after topic, let people know and don’t be afraid to promote your own insider knowledge. Always speak to the niche your business markets to and add a wealth of knowledge that intrigues fellow business owners and consumers alike. By presenting your business’s specialized knowledge, you’ve made your brand more approachable and therefore more trustworthy, increasing the likelihood of getting your particular insight noticed and shared.


2. Get Involved With an Ongoing Discussion

The great thing about businesses on social media is that it transforms an entity into an accessible personality. Take advantage of this ability by getting involved with timely conversations and trends.

Twitter makes this very easy by using trending hashtags the online community is able to share their views on what’s happening in the world. Add your business’s perspective on current events and engage with your audience. It’s a simple step, but by putting your two cents in with millions of other people you’ve become part of a conversation that can convey how you feel about an event that also affects your customers.

The flip side to this technique is to engage in these conversations tactfully, especially when using trending hashtags. Too many companies have misunderstood the context of hashtags and faced backlash for it. Keep it light and insightful and people will be willing to share and favorite your contribution.


3. The Art of Infographics

Infographics are not the drab board meeting graphs of previous generations.
They’re fun, enticing, visual representations that make hard data and statistics more eye-catching and appealing to social media users.

Infographics are a great way to get your business noticed for its own accomplishments (growth over the years, clients served) or statistics about the market you work in. Infographics are also easier for people to recall and are more convincing  compared to just text information.

Plus, there are numerous sites like and Google Developers where you can easily make infographics for free, adding another tool in your ever-growing social media marketing campaign.


4. Keeping It Clear With Lists

One way to get your content noticed, read, and shared is by breaking information into categorical lists. Lists break up information and gives readers a finite amount of items that they will have to scan to get the post’s purpose. In this style of writing it’s also easier to make your topic sound more intriguing by implying a level of secrecy or insider knowledge.

For example, the article title “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook” implies the reader is missing out if they don’t click the post, as opposed to “Facts About Facebook” which is far less catchy and ultimately less alluring. There is a biological reason people prefer lists to just a block of text. Our brains naturally try to categorize new information so putting information in a list form does the work for the reader, making it more agreeable and easier to absorb. Because of the list’s accessibility, more people will share your content both for the convenience of the format and the appeal of a curiosity-piquing title.

People’s attention is constantly being vied for on social media. Between friends, ads, and news very few items get noticed by someone doing a quick browse. By providing quality, eye-catching content that presents your business’s unique personality you’ll not only expand your audience, you’ll invite more interactions in the form of shares and favorites on social media.

Are you using any other tips to make your content more shareable? Share it in the comments with us.

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Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publications, such as Forbes and Entrepreneur.

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