We’ve spent the last three years making Mention one of the best media monitoring tools around. We’re proud that Mention is so accurate, and we’re thrilled that so many people are happy with our service.

But our customers want more. So we’re giving it to you.

We want Mention to be the go-to choice for companies of all sizes, and we’re focused on making that happen. That means new technology, deeper insights, and extra features.

In other words, we’re going enterprise.

What do we mean by “enterprise?”

For our Solo and Starter plan customers, nothing to worry about. You’ll get the same thorough web and social listening you’re used to. We’re never going to stop improving our service.

Mention Enterprise includes a set of new and improved media monitoring superpowers. We’ve built these specially for companies, to help face their challenges.

We’re not just talking Fortune 500. For us, an enterprise is any company that requires serious media monitoring. They could be agencies, universities, non-profits, startups, or major corporations.

Size doesn’t matter. It’s all about how powerful your monitoring needs to be.

What’s different for Mention Enterprise clients?

We’ve created a few special products, perfect for businesses.

1. Boolean queries

We talked all about Boolean a couple of weeks ago. For those who missed out, here’s a quick refresher.

Boolean is the Rolls Royce of keyword monitoring. With Boolean queries, you can add up to 1,700 search operators to your alert. That’s 1,700 chances to make your search more precise. For companies with a diverse range of clients, products, or locations, this can be incredibly useful.

Boolean queries give Mention Enterprise clients better media monitoring

2. Automated reports

One of the main reasons to use media monitoring is to gather data. You want to know how many people are talking about your products, or how far your marketing efforts reach. You might even be compiling detailed insights into competitors.

Now you can do so. Simply choose the report you’d like to create, give it a name, and choose who to send it to.

Enterprise clients can even “white label” these reports by adding their own logo.

Not only can you create these reports without logging in, you can send them to up to 10 recipients. Impress clients and business partners with reports they love, without lifting a finger.

3. Streaming API

Mention's streaming API gives media monitoring power to everyone

Building a CRM tool, or a website news feed? You could pay a developer to build a web crawler, or just use ours. You’ll also have zero maintenance (like updates and bug fixes), because we do that daily.

API clients have built comprehensive content publishing tools, source news content for their websites, and others still who collect Instagram images for their ecommerce businesses.

Some APIs make you wait for updates or hit “refresh” constantly. Ours sends you alerts as they occur. You’ll have all of Mention’s monitoring power, but with your name on it.

But wait, there’s more

Businesses have unique obstacles. You’ll have the tools you need for:

Crisis management

Need to know the second a problem breaks out? Mention’s Pulse alerts tell you immediately when your keywords receive unexpected mentions.Mention Pulse helps businesses in crisis management

Respond quickly to strengthen your brand.

Competitive analysis

Every company needs to track their competitors. Our competitive analysis toolshelp you monitor their marketing strategy, where they’re covered online, and what their customers say about them.

Multilingual monitoring

Mention monitors keywords in 43 languages, and we’re constantly adding new ones. Keep track of where your business thriving and find new markets.

Slack integration

Slack is the hot collaboration tool for business. Our Slack integration delivers new mentions straight to your Slack channels, so key team members get the information they need.

Dedicated account managers

Enterprise clients get their own personal media monitoring coaches, to help them get the most out of Mention. You’ll have hands-on help getting set up, and assistance whenever you need it.

And coming soon…

Insights Center: We’re building a data playground, where you can dissect and manipulate all the information Mention collects. Fans of data-visualization: get ready.

Customizable reports: You can already turn any Mention dashboard into your own report. Soon, you’ll be able to create whole new reports from scratch, with exactly the data you want to see.

Demographic analysis: You can already see who’s talking about you, and where they are. We’ll help you build in depth profiles for your customers and prospective buyers, thanks to media monitoring.

Get in touch

If you think your company’s a fit, contact us on that page. Our account managers would love to talk to you.

Find out more about Mention Enterprise

Patrick Whatman is Head of Content at Mention. He lives in Paris, loves music, and writes his own brand of cultural criticism for fun. Tweet him @mrwhatman where he mainly talks digital marketing, American sports and New Zealand trivia.

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