Happy Friday, everyone! We have something new for you today: the first of many product updates. See, we’ve always told you about the big things, like tagging mentions and influencer scores. But our product team does a lot of other stuff, too.

We’re going to start sharing more of that other stuff with you. Because they’re working on some awesome things, and all to make your monitoring experience better.

Expect these posts around twice a month. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

The latest updates to Mention features:

  • Influencer updates: remember when we said influencer features would be getting even better? Here’s your first look! You can now click on your top influencers in statistics to automatically filter your alert stream to show recent mentions from them.


  • New avatars: In preparation for even more influencer features, we’ve started some UI improvements for the source panel underneath the preview of each mention. First up? Avatars of the mention source are now rounded:
  • Add your Instagram account: Yup, it’s happening. Full monitoring for Instagram is coming soon. For now, you can try out the beta. Connect your account to Mention to monitor Instagram in real time. More updates, like actions and stats, aren’t far off. : )
  • New Android app: Android user? You’re only a few weeks away from a completely redesigned mobile app. If you want a sneak peek, just contact our head of product, Bruno!
  • Behind the curtain: A lot, I mean A LOT, of invisible improvements that will make your monitoring easier.

We’ll be back with more updates in two weeks. In the meantime, have fun playing with the newness!


Brittany Berger is a content marketer helping B2B companies and entrepreneurs create unicorn content that shows personality and demands attention. Connect with her on Twitter at @thatbberg.

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