Are you ready? I wasn’t ready. I thought I was, but then I heard the news, and I wasn’t.

What’s the big news?

We just rolled out a new feature that you guys have been asking about for a long time, and we couldn’t be more excited to show it to you.

Introducing Mention tags!

tags-screenStarting now, users on Growth plans and above will be able to add tags to mentions to better organize them. And tags have been added as an option for filtering your mentions.

Here are few things you need to know about the feature:

  • Each individual mention can be tagged with up to 5 tags.
  • Each alert can have up to 100 tags across all mentions.
  • Tags are specific to individual alerts – they don’t span your whole account.
  • Tags are shared with all team members with access to that alert.

I’m really excited about how easy this makes saving important mentions.

Before, there were limited ways to save a mention for later. The easiest way I found to save things was starring or archiving. Then to find it later, I would use filters to search my starred or archived mentions.

But the thing about that was, the archive folder became a mish mosh of different topics. So if I was looking for a guest blog post I had archived, I had to go through a bunch of mentions that I saved for different reasons.

Now, I’ve created a tag for guest posts. Along with tags for all of the other purposes I save mentions for.

How do you add tags?

  1. When viewing a mention, click the tag icon (next to archive) at the top of the right panel (panel 3).
  2. To create a new tag, type the name in and click the blue button that says “create the tag _____.”
  3. To apply an existing tag, you can either search for it using the text box or find and click on it in the tag list.

To view tagged mentions:

  1. Click on the alert you’d like to view mentions for.
  2. When the menu in the left panel opens, click on “Tags.”
  3. Select a tag from the list and its mentions will load in the middle panel.

How does this help you?


  • Listening is an ongoing process – when something is important, you don’t read it just once. All that essential information in the mentions you’re saving? This is a way to organize it.
  • This is a new way to collaborate across your team. Tags are shared with anyone with access to that alert, so you can build them into your team monitoring processes.
  • Not every mention should treated the same way. Tags allow you to separate and categorize them accordingly.

What are some ways you can use them?

  • Have an alert that brings in a few different types of mentions? For example, an alert on your product name will likely bring in mentions about your brand, about your product, and about support issues. You could create tags for those 3 categories.
  • Part of a marketing team? Segment your mentions by campaign by creating a tag for each of your campaigns or initiatives.
  • If you’re monitoring events, you can create a tag for each event, date, or location.
  • If you’re monitoring product feedback, categorize mentions based on the specific product, or get even more granular with tags for product features.
  • Each member of your team can create their own general “save for later” folder by giving each member a tag with their name.
  • Use your tags as a to-do list. For example, tags like “follow up,” “respond by email,” etc. My “guest posts” tag mentioned above could also be called “add to portfolio.”

Tips & tricks

  • Keep it simple. A ton of complicated tags can be hard for your team to manage. And the more difficult it is, the less likely you are to keep up the routine (you know it’s true).
  • Don’t categorize everything. Mention is all about reducing noise and focusing on what matters. You don’t need to spend the time tagging unimportant or timely mentions since you’re unlikely to need to find them later.
  • Agree among your team how tags will be used. Will everyone be responsible for creating any tags they want? Will you have rules that determine how something will be tagged? Talking about this now will prevent confusion later.

Have a Growth plan or higher? Start digging in. How are you going to use tags? Share in the comments below!

Brittany Berger is a content marketer helping B2B companies and entrepreneurs create unicorn content that shows personality and demands attention. Connect with her on Twitter at @thatbberg.

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