After betraying millions of loyal Google Reader users by announcing that it will kill the product in June 2013, Google has become an unreliable best friend.

On top of RSS reader fiasco, since a few weeks many people are reporting that very popular Google Alerts service has become “useless”, “broken”, “not working”.

Apparently, the problem started in late 2012, by reporting fewer and fewer Google Alerts.

But things got a lot worst in the last months with experts complaining all over the place:

As people are freaking out about Google killing the product, the press has covered the issue:

Now that it fails to do its job, some think that Google Alerts is next to be chop down.

Clearly, for some people, Google has gone “evil”. Unfortunately, Google declined to comment.

But let’s take a step back to better evaluate the situation.

According to its Wikipedia page, Google Alerts has been created in 2003 and has never been updated since then, except for the RSS reader feature.

However, we are in 2013 and the web has changed. People want accurate, social, real-time, multi-device and collaborative tools. We, at mention, believe that Google Alerts offers none of those. It belongs to the past.

That’s why in 2012, together with my team, we decided to build Mention: the future of Google Alerts.

On the contrary to what people think, the challenge is not getting the data. We live in a world with where data is everywhere (for free or not). But the real challenge (read the tricky part or the rocket science part) is to filter and organise the data.

That’s where Google Alerts future is. And that’s what we have been working for more than a year. It’s Mention’s secret weapon.

We developed a strong anti-noise technology based on bayesian filters and machine learning that will sort only relevant mentions for our customers.

On top of that we worked on a priority inbox algorithm that calculates the authority of the source to filter important mentions accordingly.

And of course, we are in 2013 so mention is:

  • Real-time and collaborative: allowing teams to work on the same mentions’ feed and to simultaneously react on the mentions.

  • Web and social: monitoring data from web (news, blogs, forum, pictures, videos, etc…) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter) to make sure nobody misses anything about his mentions.

  • Multi-device: available on most popular platforms : web app, desktop app (mac, PC, linux), chrome app, iPhone app, Android app, iPad customized web app.

Clearly, Google Alerts demise is a tremendous opportunity for us to become the “de facto” monitoring  tool for anyone.

But do you know what’s even more exciting? We have a bigger vision.

So, stay tuned and rest assured that we will always be your monitoring best friend 🙂



Half philosopher, half rocker, half entrepreneur. CEO & Cofounder of mention.

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