Over the last month, our Product Team has been hyper-focused on improving the Mention experience for you. We’ve released a series of new updates:

Topics adds a new layer to Mention’s Statistics & Exports feature — a tag cloud that’s unique for every alert and for every Mention user.

Topic Cloud
Discover the lexical environment of an alert with Topics

With Topics, it’s now possible to see a ranked cloud of words that are most commonly associated by frequency with the keywords you’re already looking for. A great way to further refine your search by discovering topics you may be missing.

Simply click on one of the topic words in the tag cloud and you’ll have access to a filtered search of mentions relating to that keyword. It’s the most powerful way to quickly learn more about your brand, your online presence, or any topic or content that you care about.

Refine your search with Topics
Uncover new keywords with Topics

Use Topics to:

  • Refine your alerts by discovering keywords closely associated with the ones you’re already monitoring.
  • Filter your search by top keywords to monitor specific conversations.
  • Identify influencers and ambassadors by reviewing what names or Twitter handles are most associated with a keyword.
  • Gather insights into community interests by tracking the words that pop up most often among your alerts. Then, use these to identify topics for your next blog post, webinar, or Twitter chat, for example.
  • Learn what words are associated with your brand, your products, and your competitors.
  • Track reputation. Discover if the words most often used to describe what you’re monitoring usually have good or bad associations. Combine this with our Sentiment Analysis tools to get the full picture of your current e-reputation.

We know that the possibilities don’t end there. How will you use Topics?

Matthieu is CEO of Mention, where he moves all Trello cards to the right and closes deals. He splits his time between Paris and Brussels. Say hi @mvaxelaire.

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