Did you know that sometimes, growing your business can be as simple as listening? Monitoring what people are saying about you can help you build your product, expand your reach, sell more, and help customers better.

Of course, it’s not quite as easy as checking your Twitter notifications every morning. That’s why we banded together with top B2B SaaS companies to bring you Monitoring 101.

It’s a free 8-week email course that will teach you how to use monitoring for different aspects of your business. Each week, receive a free lesson from a top B2B SaaS expert sharing their own monitoring secrets and tips for growing your business.

Here’s a preview of the lessons. You’ll learn how to use monitoring for:

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Brittany Berger is a content marketer helping B2B companies and entrepreneurs create unicorn content that shows personality and demands attention. Connect with her on Twitter at @thatbberg.

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