Introducing Mention’s Geofiltering Feature

Ever wish that your mentions only came from a specific country or countries when monitoring your brand name or key term across the web and social media? With our new geofiltering feature, you can make that happen!

If you have a Mention account, simply turn on “Filter by country” in the settings of your alert.


To do so, go to your alert settings indicated by the gear icon next to the Alert name, then scroll down to filter by country:


Geofiltering can be especially valuable if:

  • you’re managing one branch of a global business;
  • you work for a university that may have sister campuses in other countries;
  • your business has a common name elsewhere;
  • you’re hiring in a specific country;
  • you only offer your product domestically;
  • and more.

For example, the businesses we’ve seen most excited about this new feature, include:

  • Banks
  • Universities
  • Restaurant chains
  • Recruiters
  • Domestic startups
  • PR agencies with a focus on one market

Important Note: To receive all mentions, no matter if they have a geotag or not, make sure to select “Get mentions without any country data.”

Give Geofiltering a try now.

Don’t have a Mention account and want to take it for a spin? Start your 14-day free trial today.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

Shannon Byrne is the Content & PR Manager at Mention where she crafts words, creates strategies, and recruits loyal advocates. She’s based in New York. Get in touch with her at @ShannnonB.

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