If you’re monitoring a big brand or multiple alerts, going through mentions can take a lot of time.

You want to stay on top of your industry, but also need time for lunch, the gym, and Netflix.

Well, you’re in luck.

We have two new updates for you today, and they’ll both help you save time monitoring.

Priority folder

First, meet the priority folder.

Mention Priority Inbox

Instead of viewing all new mentions, see only unread mentions from the most influential sources.

If you’re a huge brand and have thousands of new mentions per day, you won’t have time to read every single one. The priority folder allows you to focus on important mentions that need to be dealt with first.

It’s designed for C-suite execs who only have time for important mentions, or anybody looking for a quick daily check-in and not a deep dive.

New advanced filters

In addition to filtering your mention stream, you can also filter your dashboards.This lets you drill down in your analytics to find specific insights to grow your business, instead of looking at an entire alert at once.

Mention Dashboard Filters

If your account has advanced search, you could already filter your listening and competitive dashboards by source, status, sentiment, or language. Now you can also filter by countries and tags.

Country filter

Maybe you’re a worldwide brand and you want to analyze a US-only marketing campaign. Or maybe you need to find influencers in each major market for your next international project.

Now you can.

Tag filter

If you’ve been tagging your mentions, good news! You can now use them to filter your listening or competitive dashboard.

Mention Tag Filter

This way, you can analyze support inquiries only, mentions from a certain campaign, etc. However you tag your mentions, really.

Voilà! More efficient and precise monitoring.

How will these updates help you with your monitoring? Log in now and try them out!

Joei is a Content Marketer at Mention, where she turns dry, uninspired content to engaging narratives. Or at least she tries to. Is usually eating otherwise. Connect with her on Twitter @joeei.

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