RichardRichard is the Android Developer at Mention where he always tries to find new ways of making our little green robot more awesome. Say hi at @richard_phol

At Mention, we want all of our customers to be on top of their media monitoring game anytime, from anywhere. That’s why we’re excited to announce that our much anticipated Android app has been not only improved, but reinvented. Rather than making updates, we started from scratch to give you the best experience possible. Mention for Android now uses the full power of the latest version of Android and newest devices.

Screenshot_2014-07-17-15-23-24   Screenshot_2014-07-17-15-17-13   Screenshot_2014-07-17-15-22-36

Features include the ability to create alerts to discover the keyword mentions that matter most to your brand from across the web and social, and to filter your mentions by source and type — such as by favorite, unread, trash, spam, sentiment, or priority.

We knew that our Android customers have been anticipating this release, and we wanted to make sure we got it right for them. So we conducted a beta test with 20 Mention customers who contributed valuable feedback on both the features and design of the app.

We’d like to thank these early beta users for their feedback and suggested improvements. The beta program spring-boarded several improvements to the Android app — this is definitely only the beginning of the Android app development for Mention.

Android users can download the Mention app from the Google Play store today.

Do you have any feedback on the new Android app? Leave your thoughts in the comments below — we look forward to your feedback! 

Richard Phol is the Android Developer at Mention where he always try to find new ways to make our Android app awesome. Say hi at @richard_phol.

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