You’ve heard it all before – building relationships with industry leaders is a huge benefit to you when it comes to marketing your business.

They have massive audiences, all of which consist of the type of people most interested in your product. Plus many of the people who read these leaders’ blogs are social media and content marketers; the individuals who spread the word and can share your brand even further.

If you’re not working towards building connections with influencers, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to multiply your business’s growth.

But you knew that already, didn’t you?

What you may not know just yet, though, is how to build those relationships. Where do you even start?

At Venngage, we managed to increase revenue, traffic, and sign-ups by 400% in less than a year. And we only use one technique.

In my webinar, How to Use Visual Content for Higher Rankings and Better Relationships, I’ll share our secrets.

Learn how to use visual content for higher rankings

I’ll teach you:

  • Highly actionable tips on how to find influencers and bloggers in your niche.
  • How to put together an irresistible pitch to increase your potential for building valuable relationships with these influencers.
  • My strategies on creating compelling visual content that you can offer to these influencers, and how to use those visuals to build up some high-quality backlinks to your site.
  • What services to sign up for, what design tool to use, what chart maker to use – all so that you can create stunning visuals without hassle and without breaking the bank.

If you follow the tips I share closely and consistently put them into action, you’ll rank on the first page of Google for the keywords of your choice.

Better yet, you’ll end up with a library of stunning graphics, all of which carry your name and logo.

So what are you waiting for? Save your spot in next week’s webinar today!

Nadya Khoja is a Visual Content and Digital Marketing Specialist. She is part of the team at Venngage, an online infographic maker. Nadya has a B.A. with Specialized Honours in Devised Theatre and a Master's Degree in Digital Media with a focus on Audience Engagement and Immersive Experiences. When she has time, Nadya directs, produces and sound designs for experimental and interactive performances. Twitter: @NadyaKhoja

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