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A Cyber Monday Metalist for SaaS Businesses: 60 Tools and Counting

A Cyber Monday Metalist for SaaS Businesses: 60 Tools and Counting

Home Blog Digital Marketing Tools & Productivity A Cyber Monday Metalist for SaaS Businesses: 60 Tools and Counting

Black Friday / Boxing day / “Post-Thankgsgiving sales” — as was said in the 80’s — is usually more for end consumers. B2B customers are often either not working or too busy handling their own Black Friday promotions.

However, following Black Friday, we have Cybermonday when everyone is back at work. Unlike a few years ago, now many SaaS tools are offering discounts on that special day.

At Mention, we received many requests to offer such deals, and decided to indulge. But we also thought… Why not share the list of sites featuring those discounts? A list of lists — or a Metalist! Without further ado, here it is :

Top Alternatives Cyber Monday SaaS deals for startups and entrepreneurs

  • Best discount: Topalternatives is killing it with the best discounts we have seen, as all the tools are between 50% and 75% off!
  • SaaS tools: LiveChat, Inspectlet, Mention, RescueTime, GetSiteControl, Cyfe, CodeGuard, ChargeBee, PowToon, VoiceBunny, Sniply, Help Scout, Typeform, Grasshopper, Themify, ShoutEm, Bluehost
  • Link: TopAlternatives Cyber Monday deals

DOZ Experts SaaS Tools & Perks

  • Conditions: Members only, but registration is free
  • Best discounts: 50% off Ahrefs, 60 days free of Crazyegg
  • SaaS tools: Arefs, Webceo, Textmaster, Coshedule, Olark, Zopim, MarketingProfs, Sumall, Mention, Crazyegg
  • Link: Register first, then access the Tools & Perks

Autosend 17 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For SaaS & Mobile Businesses

  • Best discount: 50% off, the same on Lubenda (Privacy policies)
  • SaaS tools: ReferralSnip, Sniply, Autosend, Kanban tool, Semrush, Leadfeeder, Pagewiz, Hulimail, Maillift, Longtailpro, Loop11, Lubenda, Mention, Copyhackers ebook, Tracklight, Cleverzeba, AllProWebtools
  • Link: Autosend “Ultimate Data Sale”

  • Conditions: Free, registration to required
  • Best discounts: Up to 60% off (Geckoboard)
  • SaaS tools: Udemy, Geckoboard, Monkeylearn,, Terradata, Algolia, Gigaom, BigLM, Rework
  • Link: Ultimate data sale

Userlike best business tools

Producthunt’s blackfriday tools and services for startups

  • Best discounts: 3 months free of Intercom, $150 off Slack
  • SaaS tools: Intercom, Slack, DigitalOcean, Mention, Typeform, InVision, Algolia, Mixpanel, Optimizely, Codeship, Segment, Zendesk, Usertesting, Helpshift, Unbounce,, ZenPayroll, Crazyegg, Mailift, Sqwiggle, Crittercism,
  • Link: Startup Black Friday from ProductHunt
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