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How to Repurpose Blog Content for Endless Social Media Posts: 9 Powerful Ideas

How to Repurpose Blog Content for Endless Social Media Posts: 9 Powerful Ideas

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The golden 80/20 rule of content marketing tells us to spend 20% of your time making new content and the other 80% on promoting it.

What this means is you don’t actually have to be making brand new, completely original content for your brand every single week. Sometimes you have enough existing content that can be refreshed and presented in several different ways – enter content repurposing.

In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly how you can repurpose your existing blog content in order to have an endless supply of social media posts.
Soon, you’ll not only be saving time not creating brand new blog posts, but you’ll also be growing your social media accounts with consistent, high-value posts.

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How to Repurpose Blog Content for Endless Social Media Posts

Check out this list of 9 different ways you can start repurposing your blog posts to create an infinite stream of social media content.

Table of Contents:

Create infographics from data or step-by-step information

Chances are many of your blog posts contain vital data that support the points you’re making. Or some of your blog posts contain step-by-step processes people can follow to achieve a certain outcome.

These types of blog posts can be turned into beautifully-designed infographics. They’re easier for your viewers to skim through and glean important insights from, and the visual-first formatting of an infographic makes it more likely to get social shares.

Here are some examples of infographics containing interesting industry data, as well as an infographic that shows users a step-by-step process.

repurpose blog content top infographic
An infographic example that gives step-by-step processes.
An infographic example on how you can repurpose your blog content
An infographic example highlighting important data and statistics on QR code usage.

Post quote graphics on Instagram or Facebook

Does your blog post contain important quotes or key takeaways for users? Pick those out and turn them into quote images that are eye-catching and easily shareable. 

Several studies have shown the importance of visual content, particularly in getting higher engagement rates and more reshares.

Another important note: the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text, so you’re able to connect with users faster, especially when their tendency is to scroll through news feeds without reading long chunks of copy.

Choose quotes that your target audience is likely to resonate with. Pick out important takeaways or catchy phrases that encourage users to share, especially if it makes them appear impressive or helpful.

Yet another way you can source quotes for quote graphics? Customer testimonials. Take these customer video reviews and stories on the Spruce homepage. Many points mentioned by customers can be worked into quote graphics that would make for great promotional material on their social media accounts.

Customer testimonials quote example

Use blog posts for Facebook and YouTube videos

Video marketing isn’t the future; it’s the present. Many studies show the benefits of using video content in your marketing, especially as consumers are coming to prefer and even expect this emerging format.

Without having to alter any information, you can easily create new long-form videos based on full blog posts. Or even highlight only key points or one main point to create micro-videos that are 3 minutes or shorter.

You can even repurpose some blog post content into marketing and sales videos. On this page, for example, digital PR firm My SEO Sucks talks about why digital PR matters, which is content that has been covered in their blog posts multiple times.

video marketing example

Post high-value information as Quora answers

Quora is one of the best places to reach your target customer, especially if they’re actively asking questions relating to your niche or expertise. 

Look for any questions you think your ideal audience is posting on Quora, then use the information you have from any existing blog post as your answer. You can even link back to the blog post after quoting relevant details, and you can drive qualified traffic to your blog.

Take this page about applying for trademarks. Many Quora users ask about registering trademarks by themselves or with help, so the creator behind the page could give their expertise on the matter to generate more awareness for their business.

Produce podcasts of important blog takeaways

It’s not unheard of for brands to utilize multiple channels to market their products and services. Aside from being on popular social media channels, you might also be investing in YouTube marketing or podcasting.

If you do have a podcast, you can produce episodes based on old blog post topics you’ve done in the past. You can then create soundbites – or bite-sized audio snippets – from your episodes containing important takeaways or points. Later on, you can share these soundbites on your social media accounts to drive traffic to both your podcast and website.

instagram podcast example

Host an engaging webinar

Your brand’s next webinar topic could be hiding between the archives of your blog. One reason a webinar can be a fantastic way to repurpose your content is by presentation the same information in another light.

engaging webinar example

Webinars are often more engaging for audiences, and can sometimes span multiple blog posts you’ve already written about. By compiling all these blog posts into one single webinar topic, it also becomes easier to organize your webinar content.

Look at some of your top-performing blog posts to see how you can package them into a value-packed webinar that you later promote on your social media channels.

Take your information to a live video

Live video marketing is on the rise, and it has been changing the way users consume more traditional media like television. This is yet another medium to reach potential customers, especially if they’re more likely to engage with video content than they are blog posts.

Live video is also more personal and can do wonders to help humanize your content marketing.

live video marketing example
Live videos bring a different dimension to topics you’ve already tackled in previous blog posts.

Create a post series

One way to keep audiences looking forward to your next social media posts is by creating a post series. This is a great way to use all the content you might have talked about in one long blog post, or as a way to connect several different blog posts into one common theme.

Your post series can take whatever medium you like, but it can even be as simple as turning your blog post content into visual aids, than simply presenting them as parts to an ongoing series on your social media.

post series example

Create updated versions of old blog posts

Sometimes you can repurpose old blog posts for social media simply by updating them with fresh information, including recent data.

repurpose blog content example update for 2020
Update 2020

This is a great way to keep traffic flowing to a popular blog post, and even encourage readers of the previous post to see what’s new. Add indicators like “Updated for 2020” and maximize this updated angle by promoting it on your social channels.

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You don’t have to spend all your time creating brand new content – instead look towards the content you already have. Just by repurposing old blog post content, you can suddenly find infinite social media posts to keep your pages active and consistent. So next time you need a content refresh, refer to this list of 9 powerful ideas to repurpose your blog posts.

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