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Yearly (Save 2 months)
Yearly (Save 2 months)


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$99/mo $83/mo


On demand On demand
Free Solo Starter Enterprise
$25/mo $29/mo
$83/mo $99/mo
Pick a keyword or keyword phrase to start monitoring.
1 basic 2 basic 5 basic Custom advanced
Booleans Alerts
Narrow down results by adding Boolean operators like "AND", "NOT" and "OR" in your alerts.
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See monitoring results of your query on the web and social media.
250 3,000 5,000 Custom mentions
Social Account
1 2 5 10+
1 1 3 Unlimited
Free trial

Advanced features

Reply to Twitter and Facebook mentions in the feed.
Schedule content on social media
Slack Integration
Read all mentions directly in Slack.
Pulse Notifications
Be notified of a significant increase in your mentions.
Search in your mentions
Easily access conversations that matter to you with the search bar and preset filters.
Segment your data into relevant categories for your business.
Sentiment Analysis
Identify how customers feel about your brand by labeling mentions as positive, negative or neutral.
-- --
Influencer Dashboard
Determine how influencers engage with your product or service.
-- --
Monitoring Analytics
Obtain analytics of online brand performance.
-- --
Social Analytics
Get analytics of all your social media channels.
-- --
Custom Reports
Create more insightful reports and share them automatically.
-- -- --
Account Management
Rely on an account manager to offer full assistance on tool setup, support and formation.
-- -- --
Data Exports
Quickly export mentions into XLS or CSV files.
-- -- --
API Access
Integrate Mention into your own tool or website.
-- -- --
Historical Data
Retrieve old mentions from the period before you created the alert.
-- -- --
Facebook crawling
Retrieve mentions from Facebook
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Enterprise features:

  • All Starter plan features
  • Advanced query (boolean)
  • Custom reports
  • Account management
  • Data export
  • API access
  • Historical data
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