Powerful Insights and Custom Reports

Turn your media monitoring into a business intelligence machine

Powerful Insights and Custom Reports

Custom Dashboards

You need a monitoring tool that changes as you do. Mention has custom dashboards, letting you monitor everything that matters to you, and nothing that doesn't. Build your Mention dashboards the way that you want them. Your alerts and your metrics, for your business.

Insights Center

Mention's analytics sandbox. Dive deep into your monitoring data, experiment with new graphs, and discover trends you'd otherwise have missed. This includes key metrics like brand sentiment, reach, influence score, and gender. Plus, the Spread feature shows you how your marketing and PR campaigns evolve.

Automated Reports

Good reporting needs to be done early and often. But creating and sending reports takes a lot of time and effort.

Create automated reports that update and send themselves to any email address in the world. Impress colleagues and management, and provide up-to-date information whenever they need it.

Stripe Report

Save serious time

Creating your own reports can be painstaking. It requires time, patience, and a lot of playing around. Reports can be completely automated in 30 seconds, and you’ll have a record of your performance in your inbox whenever you want it.

Prove ROI of your campaigns

Everyone loves data they can understand. Show coworkers and superiors that you not only collect valuable information, your reports are easy to read too.

Keep the whole team in the loop

Reports can be shared with anyone as a PDF export or CSV file. Or create an automated report and send it to any email address you choose. Set a recurring time and date, and you’ll never forget to report on your social media or PR progress.

Social engagement

See your shares and likes over time, analyze your most effective posts, and compare share of voice against competitors.

Total reach

Were you mentioned by The New York Times online? Find out just how many people have likely seen your name.

Top sources

See which social media platforms, blogs, forums, and news websites are the most effective for spreading your message.

Share of voice

Want to compare yourself with competitors? Share of voice tells you who’s capturing the most attention online.

Sentiment analysis

Want to focus on positive or negative comments? Sentiment analysis lets you avoid wading through every single mention.

Languages and countries

See which countries your keywords are used in most frequently, and the top languages for your mentions.

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