Media Monitoring Everywhere Online

Mention tracks every important digital source to make sure that you never miss a conversation.


Listen on social media

People are talking about your brand on social media. Watch for negative comments, help customers solve problems, and discover powerful influencers thanks to Mention's comprehensive social listening. Mention tracks all important social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Monitor industry blogs

Digital content has a lot of power over buyers' decisions. It's important to watch what's said about your business on industry blogs, to make sure that you're represented in the right light. Mention shows you content from blogs of all sizes, whether you've heard of them or not.

Follow the news

Journalism has moved from print to the web, and news is delivered as it happens. Positive news can boost brand awareness overnight, while a negative story can quickly become a serious crisis.

Mention watches every major online publication, and alerts you as soon as your brand is mentioned.

Follow the news

Track digital forums

There's a lot to learn from web forums. These dedicated communities are the perfect place for market research. Find people interested in your products and services, and understand what matters to them.

Leverage online reviews

Review sites are an important source of customer feedback and a way for new buyers to find your brand. Watch closely what's said about you on the biggest sites to protect your reputation online. Mention monitors more than 70 review sites including TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Expedia.

Watch broadcast sources offline

We're not limited only to web and social media sources. Brands can also collect mentions and clips from television and radio sources in the USA. This includes major broadcast and cable news channels, plus a large selection of local stations.

PR campaigns

Watch as campaigns spread online, wherever that might be.

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Competitive analysis

Keep an eye on the competition and learn from their strategy.

How Soylent works

Crisis management

Monitor all important conversation online to prevent disaster.

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