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Instagram VIPs are their own brand of celebrity, and working with them can grow your brand. Use Mention’s influencer scores and dashboard to find and engage with them.
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Yes, that’s a (pretty bad) pun. But #nofilter’s not our style. Filter your Mention alerts by location, language, or sentiment. Create refined reports to measure and analyze your brand’s Instagram footprint.
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Monitor visual media with Instagram tracking tools

55 million photos are posted on Instagram every day. More than 1 billion likes happen in that same timeframe. We’re bombarded with images that hold more meaning than words. Mention's Media Monitoring includes visual sources and mentions and allows you to connect your Instagram account to engage right from your dashboard.

How to use brand tracking

Discover how brand tracking can help improve your digital marketing.

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Instead of conducting endless Instagram searches, Mention alerts show you everywhere you’re being talked about, in real time.

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Mention is a collaborative tool. Include your co-workers, share alerts, and assign tasks to your
team easily.

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Monitor your favorite Instagram hashtags to see which are most effective. Find new ones you’d otherwise never have thought of.

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