Share of Voice Calculator

Measure your brand's online presence against competitors
What is Share of Voice?
Share of Voice (SoV) is a metric used to measure a brand's presence or mentions online in comparison to its competitors. It helps in quantifying a brand's visibility, reputation, and positioning in the digital sphere.
How is Share of Voice defined in marketing terms?
In marketing, Share of Voice refers to the amount of conversation or mentions a particular brand has in comparison to its competitors. It's a representation of how much "voice" or presence a brand commands in its industry or niche.
How to calculate Share of Voice?
To calculate Share of Voice, you divide the mentions or visibility of your brand by the total mentions (including those of competitors) and then multiply the result by 100 to get a percentage.
What is the formula for Share of Voice?
The Share of Voice formula is: SoV= (Your Brand’s Mentions / (Your Brand’s Mentions + Competitor’s Mentions))x100.
How do I use the Share of Voice calculator?
To use the SoV calculator, input your brand name and the names of your competitors. The tool will then gather mentions from various sources over the past 30 days and provide a detailed breakdown of the Share of Voice for each entity.
How to measure Share of Voice?
Measuring the Share of Voice requires gathering data on your brand's mentions and those of your competitors from various online sources. With a platform like Mention, this task is effortless, ensuring you get a comprehensive view of your brand's presence across the digital landscape.
What is a good Share of Voice percentage?
A "good" Share of Voice percentage varies by industry and market. Generally, a higher SoV indicates more prominent online visibility. However, consistency in growth and a percentage higher than key competitors can be seen as favorable.
What does Share of Voice mean in terms of market share?
Share of Voice is a measure of brand visibility and mentions, while market share looks at a brand's sales as a percentage of the total market. A strong SoV can correlate with high market share, but the two metrics analyze different facets of a brand's performance.
How to increase Share of Voice?
Increasing Share of Voice involves strategies like effective online marketing campaigns, improving search engine optimization, engaging content creation, leveraging social media, and monitoring & responding to online mentions.
How to track Share of Voice?
You can track Share of Voice using specialized tools such as Mention, which keeps an eye on brand mentions across a range of online platforms, forums, and channels. By regularly reviewing and contrasting with past data, you can monitor shifts in growth or decline.
Why is understanding SoV crucial for brands?
Understanding SoV provides insights into brand visibility, positioning, and reputation in the digital landscape. It helps brands gauge their online impact, strategize better marketing campaigns, and measure the efficacy of these campaigns.
Can I analyze multiple competitors with this tool?
Yes, our Share of Voice calculator allows for the analysis of multiple competitors, providing a comprehensive view of the market landscape.
Why measure Share of Voice?
Measuring Share of Voice gives brands a clear picture of their online presence in comparison to competitors. It aids in strategic planning, resource allocation, and in understanding areas of opportunity or threat in the digital domain.
Do online mentions always mean positive visibility?
No, online mentions can be positive, negative, or neutral. This is why it's important to also focus on sentiment analysis, understanding the context and tone behind the mentions.
How frequently should I check my SoV?
Ideally, brands should monitor their SoV monthly. However, during specific campaigns or product launches, it might be beneficial to check more frequently to measure immediate impact.
Can I use this tool for multiple industries?
Absolutely! Our Share of Voice calculator caters to brands across various industries, from tech and retail to healthcare and entertainment.