Instagram Hashtag Generator

Find relevant hashtags for your posts to increase your visibility and gain followers.
What is the Instagram Hashtag Generator?
The Instagram Hashtag Generator is an Artificial Intelligence tool to help generate the most relevant and popular hashtags for your social media accounts. It is a quick and simple way to search for hashtags related to your social media topics.
How does the Instagram Hashtag Generator work?
Generating relevant hashtags for your social media posts is easy! Simply enter the topic of your post into the hashtag generator and it will give you a list of 11 hashtags to add to your post. You can then copy the list of hashtags to your clipboard and paste them directly into your social media caption. The hashtags generated are the current popular and trending hashtags related to your social media topic.
What are the best Instagram hashtags?
The most popular hashtags, based on the number of occurrences, are:

  1. #love
  2. #photography
  3. #instagood
  4. #photooftheday
  5. #nature
  6. #instagram
  7. #art
  8. #fashion
  9. #travel
  10. #picoftheday
Which Instagram hashtags get the most likes?
The most popular hashtags, based on engagement, are:

  1. #Bar
  2. #team07
  3. #GoPro
  4. #F1
  5. #nehakakkarlive
  6. #bb13
  7. #NehuDaVyah
  8. #NehuPreet
  9. #sonukakkar
  10. #RohanpreetSingh
Do hashtags still work on Instagram 2022?
Of course! Using relevant hashtags in your social media posts is always a good idea in connecting with your audience and followers. Including effective hashtags in both your post captions and comments section can allow your posts to have a higher reach on the platform.
How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?
For the best engagement on your social media posts, we recommend using 11 or more hashtags. There’s no right or wrong number of hashtags so just test out to see what works best for your posts. The limit is 30 hashtags so feel free to use as many as you like!
What hashtags to use on Instagram?
There are 5 main categories of hashtags to help you optimize your content:

  • Location - adding a geo-tag or a hashtag of your location is a good idea to connect with people in your local area. (#London, #exploreBC)
  • Branded - using a branded hashtag allows you to interact with your favorite brands and show your support. (#AbsolutVodka, #GotMilk, #NikeByYou)
  • Industry - industry hashtags are great for learning more about a specific topic and connecting with others in a certain industry. (#MakeupLovers, #cars)
  • Community - there are many communities on social media platforms and using community hashtags help you find and be a part of them. (#arianators, #lakersnation)
  • Descriptive - these hashtags allow you to be more specific in the topic you are interested in learning about. (#eyeshadow, #homedecor)
Having a variety of hashtags from all five categories gives you a well-rounded hashtag strategy that can connect with many different communities and users on social media platforms.
How many hashtags can you use on Instagram?
There is a limit of 30 hashtags on a single post and up to 10 hashtags on an Instagram story. It is totally up to you to decide how many you would like to include in your posts. Using relevant hashtags to your topic is a great way to allow more users to find your content and engage with it.
How to add hashtags on Instagram?
It is possible to add a hashtag to the captions or comments of your post. Simply open the Instagram app and take or upload a photo/video. Choose to edit or add any filters on the image and then click ‘Next’. Click on ‘Write a caption…’ and then type # followed by any text or emoji that you would like to add. Finally, click the ‘Share’ button and your post is now uploaded!
If you want to add, delete or edit any hashtags you’ve included in your post, tap the 3 dots on the top right side of your post and then click ‘Edit’.
What are the most popular hashtags in the UK?
In the UK, the most popular and trending hashtags at the moment are:

  1. #london
  2. #love
  3. #photography
  4. #instagood
  5. #photooftheday
  6. #art
  7. #nature
  8. #smallbusiness
  9. #fashion
  10. #fitness
What are the most popular hashtags in the USA?
What are the most popular hashtags in the USA?

  1. #love
  2. #photography
  3. #art
  4. #instagood
  5. #fashion
  6. #photooftheday
  7. #nature
  8. #explorepage
  9. #explore
  10. #fitness
What are other ways to improve engagement on Instagram, other than hashtags?
  1. Include more carousel and video content. Carousels and videos are both eye-catching and engaging media pieces that allow users to interact with your content.
  2. Add a caption to your post. It’s important to add context to the images you’re posting and tell a story through your caption.
  3. Respond to questions and comments. Interacting with your community and followers is a great way to make everyone feel included and heard.
  4. Use the power of Instagram stories. This is another great way to engage your followers and use creative features like stickers, polls, countdowns and more.
  5. Include CTA’s. Having a direct question or encouraging followers to click the link in your bio is a way to have genuine engagement from your audience.