Tagging Users

Another classic strategy to increase Instagram engagement is to tag other users. You might aim to share a post with friends, to tell another user you've featured them, or to get the attention of an influencer.

So does this work? Does tagging others increase engagement?

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  • —Amount

    34.4% of posts tag no users.

  • —Likes and Comments

    Tagging between 1-3 users will return the highest amount of likes and comments.


Number of Users Tagged

Currently, around 34.4% of Instagram posts contain no tagged users, which on the contrary shows a slight increase from last year where 40% of posts didn’t tag any users.

Number of users tagged in Instagram posts

  • Number of posts
Tagging_graph_01 75B 50B 25B 0 100B 0 5 10 15 Users tagged Number of posts 20

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Median Likes Per User Tagged

What is the ideal number of users to tag in your post? These posts are usually published by super influential accounts with large followings - which cause them to receive a large volume of likes naturally.

By using the median number of likes instead of the average, the results are impacted less by highly influential accounts, giving us a more realistic representation.

We observed that tagging between 1- 3 users will return the highest amount of likes and comments.

How likes increase with more users tagged

  • Median likes
Tagging_graph_02 400 200 0 600 0 5 10 15 Users tagged Median likes 20

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Most Engaged Tagged User

Rapper Cardi B was actually amongst our top 20 most engaged tagged user, but the #1 spot actually went to trendy fashion brand @fashionnova. According to WWD, the California-based company became one of the most searched fashion brands on the internet thanks to Instagram and influencer marketing.


Median Comments Per User Tagged

Just as we saw for likes, the more users a person tags in their posts, the more comments the post receives. This is probably obvious - when you tag other users, they're likely to respond. This analysis confirms this suspicion.

Again, we've used the median to remove any noise from posts with unusually high numbers of comments. But the average showed a very similar (although slightly less linear) pattern. Download full report (53 pages)

Median comments per post VS Users tagged

  • Median comments per posts
Tagging_graph_04 15 10 5 0 20 0 5 10 15 Users tagged Number of posts 20

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