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  • Weekends

    Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends. (Huffington Post)

  • Higher education

    28% of Americans with a college degree use Twitter. (Hootsuite)

  • Top countries

    5 countries account for 50% of all tweets. (Statista)

  • Brands

    The average Twitter user follows five brands. (Lori Taylor)

  • Response times

    60% of users expect a brand to respond to queries within an hour. (Twitter)

  • Suspended accounts

    Twitter has suspended 935,000+ accounts for terror-related reasons. (Engadget)

  • Black Panther

    As of April 2018, Black Panther is already the most tweeted-about movie ever. (Twitter)

  • Fake users

    As of 2016, almost 50% of Justin Bieber's followers were fake. (Mashable)

  • Swear words

    1 in 13 tweets contains a curse word. (Spinfold)

Methodology for Our Twitter Report

Despite concerns about its long-term future, Twitter remains an essential social media platform in 2018. Big brand announcements, customer interactions, and even international policymaking - it all happens on Twitter.

This is also where news breaks. 74% of users are on Twitter specifically for the news, including 11% of all U.S. adults. To be truly connected in 2018, you need to keep a close eye on this social network.

So what works for Twitter marketing in 2018? How do people use the platform, and which strategies make the biggest impact? We looked at more than 700 million tweets to see how people are using it, and what's working for them.

Enjoy the results. Download full report (33 pages)

Highlights of this report

  • Average retweets


  • Tweets containing a hashtag


  • Hashtags do no increase engagements

  • Tweets that tag others


  • Bio length for most followers (characters)


  • Average engagements for verified users


  • Periscope videos do no increase engagements

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