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Mention is the best tool to find influencers already talking about your brand. Monitor your brand name all over the web and social media, and Mention will rank every user based on influence. You can then reach out directly from the platform.

The Influencer Discover feature lets you type any keyword into the platform and it'll show you the biggest influencers. You can then filter this list to identify the best influencers for your brand.

  • - Find powerful people already talking about you
  • - Discover influencers by topic
  • - Reach out over social media directly from the tool
  • - Track influencer marketing campaigns
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Later is the #1 marketing platform for Instagram. You can use Later to collect User Generated Content for your branded hashtags, and use Later’s Search and Repost tool to collect high resolution images and videos from your influencers to repost on your brands account.

You can also use Later to schedule your Instagram posts and track the performance of your influencer campaigns using their analytics tools. Later’s tool lets you turn your brands Instagram into a shoppable feed, helping you convert influencer content into real sales.

  • - Collect User Generated Content for your hashtag campaigns on Instagram
  • - Schedule your influencer campaign on Instagram
  • - Search and Repost influencer content
  • - Track your Instagram analytics
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If you want to work with bloggers and major websites, this Chrome plugin is a great tool. If you have the full bar displayed, it will show you things like keyword difficulty score and backlink info for whatever page you’re on.

Looking at the rankings and authority of a potential influencer can tell you how well campaign activities on their website will increase your reach as well.

  • - See domain authority for any blog or website
  • - Find influential blogs to partner with
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If you know the company or website of someone you’re reaching out to, just type it into It will look around online for all the emails associated with that domain. Once it’s done, it’ll spit out a list, and you just look for the name or department you need to contact!

Search for the company and you’ll probably find a group email like You can use that instead of a name, if need be.

  • - Find email addresses from a company's name
  • - Works on LinkedIn

Influencer marketing
outreach tools

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BuzzStream is a CRM for PR and marketing that lets you keep track of anyone your team might be working with. This lets you build a database of contacts, broken down by campaign, and then email them directly with your connected Gmail account.

If you're working in a team, you can also see whether one of your colleagues has already reached out, and what they wrote.

  • - Create databases of contacts
  • - Keep campaigns separate
  • - Build templates
  • - Manage your team and see who they've contacted
Grin banner


With the popularity of independent creators rising to astronomical proportions, grin wanted to give marketers a better way to reach out, build relationships, and ultimately create more love for their brands through influencers.

Grin does just that by helping users automate, scale and track their influencer campaigns on one beautiful, easy-to-use dashboard.

  • - Like "Google for influencers"
  • - Campaign management tools
  • - Reporting tools to help measure ROI
Hubspot Sales banner


HubSpot Sales tracks email engagement (clicks and opens) and shows you a brief profile of who you’re emailing. It tells you which influencers have opened your email and clicked on any links inside. This can help shape how you’re going to follow up.

It'll also let you automatically fill in sections of your template like name, company name, and more. Plus you can test up to five different templates, to see which works the best.

  • - Create email templates
  • - Manage your contacts
  • - Track open and click rates
  • - See when someone opens your email


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The Shelf could actually belong in any section on this page. It helps you find new influencers for your campaign and make the first connection. But the most exciting thing? It has a database of more than 155,000 influencers in the "lifestyle" niche alone.

Once you've decided how you want your campaign to look, The Shelf makes it incredibly simple to get influencers onboard.

  • - Build your influencer marketing campaign from scratch
  • - Choose the perfect influencers
  • - Track campaign performance
Veloce banner


Veloce is an influencer directory focusing on quality rather than quantity. The directory contains 3K+ highly targeted, hand-picked influencers that you can filter by all the world’s countries, 8 niches, 5 social platforms, follower count, and gender.

All influencer in the Veloce directory are carefully selected and hand-picked by our team and need to meet several strict criteria such as high engagement, no fake followers, and a real influence over people to be granted a space.

  • - Find quality influencers for your campaign
  • - Always genuine influencers (no fake followers)
  • - Filters to help target your campaign
Reelio banner


Reelio makes influencer marketing manageable, scalable and meaningful. Its intuitive platform and approach enable both brands and influencers to further delight audiences with content enhanced by a product that aligns with their values and interests; a less intrusive and more effective advertising play.

Filter influencers by specific preferences, message and contract influencers directly from Reelio, and track ROI all on Reelio’s platform or work with influencers who are on a trajectory for a high growth rate using our Featured Creator tool, which showcases influencers who have high-performing campaigns.

  • - Find influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook
  • - Filter your search for desired preferences like Geographic location or audience size
  • - Work with high-performing influencers on our own Featured Creators tool
  • - Make your campaign dollars go further with account strategists
Tapinfluence banner


TapInfluence is an opt-in marketplace for influencers. You get detailed search criteria, insights about their audience, and even cost per engagement data to see whether an influencer provides ROI.

The tool also helps you manage your influencers' content and schedule posts.

  • - Marketplace of influencers
  • - Detailed analytics
  • - Tools to help manage your influencer campaign
Webfluencial banner


Webfluential is another marketplace that lets you find, connect with, and pay influencers directly through its platform. Narrow your search to the industry and location that suits you, and find the ideal influencer for your campaign.

You also get statistics on that influencer's previous performance, so you know that you can trust them.

  • - See the scope and cost of campaigns upfront
  • - Send messages to prospective influencers through the platform
  • - Pay them directly for safer money transfers