Successful influencer marketing requires the right approach. If you're new to this, here's what you need to consider for the perfect influencer marketing strategy.

Why influencers
Shane barker reasons

There are a ton of great reasons to partner up with smart and well-known people in your industry.

Find influencers
Build personnas - Choose partners - Discover influencers online

There are a ton of great reasons to partner up with smart and well-known people in your industry.

Reach influencers
Make social connection - The perfect pitch - Email templates

There are a ton of great reasons to partner up with smart and well-known people in your industry.


Why influencers

Shane Barker's key reasons to work with influencers:


Find influencers

Build influencer personas

Before researching specific influencers, you need to know the kinds of person you're looking for. Just like you would build buyer personas for other marketing campaigns, build influencer personas for these campaigns

Once you know the kinds of influencers you want to look for, it's time to begin your search!

Choose the right partner

The number one key to a successful influencer campaign is choosing relevant partners. Not just any person with a large audience will do.

the perfect influencer

The perfect influencer

  • - Is relevant to your brand
  • - Has an audience that look like your buyer
  • - Can help you achieve your goals
  • - Has an engaged following
  • - Has a history of influencing purchases

Remember, it's not just about the size of the audience. You can pay huge money to get a celebrity to tweet about you, but if they don't suit your brand, it's probably a waste of money.



audience reach

(# of followers)

Brand affinity

(expertise and credibility)

Strength of Relationship with Followers

Discover influencers online


Reach Influencers

Once you’ve built a targeted list of influencers that will help you reach your marketing goals, you’re ready to begin your outreach campaign. You’ll need to gather everyone’s contact info, write a few templates for your email pitch, and figure out a way to track the progress of your campaign.

Make a social connection

Start following your target influencers and engaging with their content. Did they write a great blog post? Leave a comment. Did they write a great Facebook or Twitter post? Like and share it.

You’re just trying to get your name on their radar, not close a partnership in one tweet. Use social media to begin the relationship.

What to include in the perfect pitch ?

A quick email may seem like no big deal, but influencers wake up every morning to new outreach emails in their inbox. To get your pitch opened, read, and replied to, it needs to be awesome.

your pitch should include

Your pitch should include

  • - Who you are
  • - Why you are contacting them
  • - The collaboration details
  • - What's in it for them
  • - Next steps

Create email templates

You want to personalize each outreach email, but you also don’t want to write each email from scratch. Email templates will be key to efficient outreach

You have two options: