Agency Optimization Day

May 28th, 2019

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Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn…

Get the best practices and expert tips that will help your agency increase its offerings, improve visibility, scale results, and grow your clientele.

13:30 EST I 10:30PST I 19:30 CET

Mention: How to Provide More Value to Your Clients with Media Monitoring

Learn how media monitoring can improve your next big agency campaign. Find out how you can sift through the noise, and analyze key conversations relevant to your clients’ brand, industry or key topics. We’ll show you not only how to listen, but what to do with what you hear.

Sandra Chung · Head of Content

9:30 EST I 6:30 PST I 15:30 CET

SEMRush: Content for people and for Google

Featured Snippets are such an important part of SEO and digital marketing now. Featured snippets are those information boxes with quick answers that show up above traditional search results. You want to appear in them to drive increased traffic to your site. This presentation will show how!

Fernando Angulo · Head of International Partnerships

14:30 EST I 11:30 PST I 20:30 CET

BuzzStream: Pinpoint Prospecting: How Top Performers 4x Campaign Results With Segmented Outreach

The current landscape of blogs, brands, influencers and publications have totally blurred the lines of outreach. Often, these blurred lines result in generic emails that lack appeal as lists are built quickly without an eye for quality and context. We’ll show you how top performing teams get massively outsized results by targeting and segmenting their outreach and give you strategies you can immediately put to use in your next campaign.

Stephen Panico · Chief Growth Officer

12:15 EST I 09:15 PST I 18:15 CET

DashThis: Scale your Agency by Optimizing your Reporting Process

In this webinar, we will explain all the crucial reporting best practices you need to know in order to monetize your reports. You will learn how to scale your agency with an optimized reporting process that will not only save you time and money, but convert, retain, and upsell clients.

Nathalie Couet · Head of Partnerships

11:00 EST I 08:00 PDT I 17:00 CET

Mobile Monkey: Top 10 Mobile Marketing Hacks in 2019

Most marketers have only started scratching the surface of mobile marketing. As digital marketing changes quickly - optimizing your client’s campaigns for mobile offers endless opportunities. This session will analyze the top marketing channels and point to the emerging and popular mobile marketing channels where you should focus on. Find out which require radically new approaches, and which to ignore — focus on the mobile marketing “hacks” and strategies which yield the greatest return for the least amount of effort.

Larry Kim · CEO

May 28th, 2019

About Agency Optimization Day

This digital event is brought to you in part by industry-leading marketing brands who are dedicated to help agencies improve the way they work. Highlighting different areas such as media monitoring, influencer marketing, mobile marketing, and reporting - Agency Optimization Day aims to help marketers learn how to optimize and scale by leveraging these offerings.

About the speakers

We've invited world-class marketing experts to share their best practices and insights to help agencies succeed. Don't miss out on these intimate webinars with the chance to ask your burning questions.

Sandra Chung Head of Content at Mention

Sandra is Head of Content at Mention. She hails from Vancouver, Canada, and keeps her pulse on all things digital marketing. You can find her writing on the Hubspot blog, Business2Community, and Growth Hacker.

Larry Kim CEO of MobileMonkey

Larry is the CEO of MobileMonkey, the World's Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform and free chatbot builder. He's also the founder of WordStream, Inc., the leading provider of Google and Facebook ads.

Stephen Panico Chief Growth Officer at BuzzStream

Stephen is the chief growth officer at BuzzStream, managing sales, marketing and service teams. He also heads up the BuzzStream blog where he leverages research on product usage and industry trends to provide actionable content.

Nathalie Couet Head of Partnerships at DashThis

Nathalie is the head of partnerships at DashThis. She is a full-time agency reporting expert. You can find her sharing her expertise through various webinars, blogs, and podcasts across the digital marketing realm.

Fernando Angulo Head of International Partnerships at SEMRush

Fernando is the Head of International Partnerships and Digital Strategist at SEMRush, the leading solution for SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research. Trusted by over 3000000 marketers worldwide.

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About the event

Agency Optimization Day is a day of virtual conferences dedicated to help agencies improve the key aspects of their business. Bringing together top industry experts to share practical insights about increasing offerings, improving efficiency, and gaining new clients - agencies will walk away with actionable tips they can implement. Can't make the live webinars? Sign up anyway, we'll send you the recordings!

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