Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis gives you detailed insights into your competition, to help you improve your performance.


Competitive analysis
made simple

Media monitoring lets you listen closely to the entire web. See
what’s said by competitors - and about them - anywhere online.


Track web mentions

Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram
integrations let you reply and engage
right from your Mention dashboard.

réseaux sociaux

Listen on social media

Apps for IOS and Android, Mac and PC
let you react immediately from
anywhere in the world.


See customer comments

Collaborate with your social media
team by sharing and assigning tasks
to each other.

avis concurrents

Track location of mentions

Custom reports and analytics
dashboards show you what’s working,
and provide tailored market research.


Monitor from anywhere

One dashboard, collaborative tools,
and billions of sources. Connect your
social accounts to react from the app.

trouver influenceurs

Find their influencers

Build-in influencer scores show you
the most important voices, so you
know who to contact.

Learn from their marketing strategies

Your competitors’ strategies are there for you to see. You just need a way to keep track
of them. Create competitive analysis alerts for your biggest rivals. When they launch new
campaigns, you’ll see which platforms they’re targeting, and how successful they are.

Competitive Analysis

Compare your share

Your may know each company’s market share, but what
about their marketing reach? Measure the share of voice
between each company to see how much of the digital
conversation each of you commands.

Attract their clients

Social media and forums have made customer feedback
far more public. When your competitors’ customers don’t
get what they want, reach out and offer your own

Identify your principal

New companies launch every day. And since you can’t know
about every single one, you need a way to keep track. Keyword
monitoring shows you new competitors entering the marketing,
and brands you’d otherwise never have known about.
With competitive analysis, you'll be ready to act.

Build the perfect competitive analysis strategy for your brand

Mention collects detailed information about any of your
competitors, based on conversations online and on social media.
You just have to decide how to act.

Advanced filters

You don’t have time to sift through thousands of mentions. Filters let you cut through the noise, so you can focus on building the perfect business strategy.

Advanced filters

Precise alerts

Monitor exact keywords and phrases that spell danger for your brand. With Boolean queries, you can be as specific as necessary. Hear exactly what you need to hear and leave the rest aside.

alertes booléennes

Automated reports

Create customized reports straight from your Mention dashboard. Delivered automatically to any email address, they help you and your team compare your performance against your competitors’.


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