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Media Monitoring for Modern Institutions

Students want smart, well-connected, and safe schools. Mention lets you hear and react to everything online for greater visibility.

Easy to use

Simpler than other tools, and even more powerful.


Precise listening

Be the first to know when your school is mentioned online.


Expert support

Get one-on-one help from specialized monitoring coaches.

Find & Share Content

Find people talking about your school in the media and on social networks. Collect positive stories, share content on your website, and social media, and find social media ambassadors to spread the word.
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Monitor Your Reputation

Students choose schools based on their character and prestige. Monitor social media, forum, and blog comments to see what people really think. Ensure that your school has the reputation it deserves.

Manage Any PR Crisis

Whether it’s a major negative news story or a social media crisis, you need to respond immediately. Pulse alerts tell you when your keywords spike online, so you can react quickly to put out the fire.

Engage With Social Media

When current and prospective students discuss your school on forums or social media, you'll find out right away. Engage with them, ask questions, and help them solve problems. Prove that you’re a destination for today’s students.

Other schools' favorite Mention features

Make monitoring easier and more comprehensive for your school with these tools


Share updates, reports, and alerts
across campuses.

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis

See how your school stack up
against other institutions.

Influencer discovery

Influencer discovery

Find & engage influencers to
promote your school.

Boolean search

Boolean search

Full Boolean queries enable
ultra-precise listening.


Multilingual monitoring

Monitor your school's community in
43 languages.



Available for iPhone, Android,
Mac, and Windows.

650,000 companies use Mention daily.

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