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Monitor what is being said online about a brand or a product

Never miss a conversation by monitoring extensive media sources. Focus on what matters by filtering the noise thanks to our Advanced Research, and always finding what you look for with our Smart folders. Receive daily recap with the key information of the day and Spike emails anytime there is a peak of mentions.

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Get organized for precise reporting

The Mention inbox provides you with a stream of data that is constantly being updated within the Feed. Save mentions as either ‘priority’, ‘unread’, ‘archive’, or ‘favorites’. The inbox allows you to better organize important mentions for more precise reporting and easier collaboration.

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Reduce noise with Advanced Alerts

Through our Advanced Alerts, the Boolean Query enables you to refine the quality of your results. Create queries using up to 2,000 characters and combine keywords and phrases to completely customize your search.

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What they say about us

Mention saves us a huge amount of time every day. We don't have to go looking for reviews and comments - they're right there!

Sharone Toitou Community Manager @ACS
Discover how ACS monitors the web & social media with Mention

ACS is a French insurance company specializing in travel and relocation coverage. They use Mention to know what's being said across the web about their company and related fields. This enables them to adapt their offering, bring answers to their customers' questions, and identify crisis when they start to prevent them from spreading.