Mention for Agencies

Find new clients, track competitors, manage crises,
and generate reports.

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Media Monitoring & Social Media Listening

The perfect tool for digital marketing and PR agencies, Mention lets you listen,
analyze, and react to everything online.

Brand Monitoring
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Easy to Use

Simple to set up and always
straightforward to use.

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Precise listening

Be the first to know when clients are
mentioned online.

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Expert Support

Get onboarding and one-on-one help
from our specialized monitoring coaches.

Key monitoring tools for agencies

Agencies have specific needs. They have to answer to clients, stay on-budget, and deliver an exceptional product. Here's how Mention can help.

Automate Reports

Impress clients, colleagues, and prospects with our beautiful reports and graphs. Instantly generate analyses on your clients, their brands, and their competitors - customized with your name and logo.

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Analyze Sentiment

Mention’s built-in sentiment analysis makes it easy to find important mentions - good or bad. Prove your campaign’s success by showing positive results to your clients. Monitor negative mentions protect their reputations.

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Attract New Clients

Find people looking for agencies online and monitor competitors for unhappy customers. Quickly perform audits on prospective clients, and show them how you’d improve their media presence.

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Perform Competitive Analysis

Monitor your clients’ competitors on their behalf and inform them of new products and campaigns. Mention also helps you stay ahead of your own competitors, by monitoring their marketing efforts.

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A few of Mention’s most
helpful features

People are already talking about you on social media. Media
monitoring and social listening make it easy to find them.

Gestion de crise agence

Crisis management

Pulse alerts tell you when a
crisis breaks out.

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Influencer discovery

Identify, rank, and engage with
industry VIPs.

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Boolean search

Full Boolean queries enable ultra-
precise listening.

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Complete media monitoring in 43 languages.

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Unlock Mention’s power for
your own product.

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Download Mention apps for IOS,
Android, Mac, and Windows.

650,000 companies use Mention daily.

You too can make better business decisions based on real-world data. Join us today.

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