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With more than 3.5 billion people active on social media in the world, it has become a place where companies need to start driving the conversation.

When done right, brands can interact easily with their audience and build relationships with them - is it working for you?

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Mention helps you post & schedule relevant content on your social media channels from one platform, whether it's branded or curated. Engage with your customers and start building a relationship with them.

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Mention is the solution to help you grow your presence on social media efficiently and engage with your audience.

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Mention informs how we create a connection with our audience

Ashton Egner Communications Manager @KIIROO
Discover how KIIROO engage with customers thanks to Mention

KIIROO is an award-winning sex-tech company that is changing the way the world thinks about Teledildonics and sex technology. Mention's ability to monitor and filter between forums, blogs, web sources, and social media alleviated a ‘blind spot’ for the team.

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