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Online Brand Monitoring: Analyze How Your Brand is Perceived Online

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An online reputation management tool that monitors & manages your online reputation

Grow your brand online with Mention thanks to online reputation monitoring. By analyzing how customers feel about you, as well as engaging with them, you will be able to:

🧠 Understand brand management

🎯 Identify medias to work with

🤬 Monitor and prevent crises

💪 Strengthen your brand strategy

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From web monitoring to social media marketing

Mention sends you an alert whenever your brand is mentioned online and on social media, and gives you an overview of their sentiment.

It compiles information in a comprehensive way, helping you measure the effectiveness of your social media and web campaigns. You can also identify relevant media sources in your industry, and curate a winning social media strategy.

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What's Drivy saying about Mention

We needed an overview of what's being said about our brand across countries, to help us manage our online reputation.

Camille Henry Communications Manager @Drivy
Discover how Drivy monitor their brand online with Mention

Drivy is an online car sharing, or peer-to-peer car sharing service. They use Mention to support their global growth and understand how their brand is perceived around the world.

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