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Easily schedule, and publish posts to multiple social channels. Save time and optimize your campaign management with collaborative features and asset organization.

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Plan & manage engaging
social media posts

Easily create or schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn on the publishing calendar and save time with cross-network publishing options:

  • Don’t worry too much about finding content inspiration by using the Mention Feed for your content curation
  • Use AI to generate captions and hashtags in seconds
  • Collaborate with your team with a brand assets library and team workflows

Measure the performance of your social media strategy

Keeping tabs on your competitors' online activity is essential for staying ahead of the game. We've got you covered!

  • Understand what content performs best on which platforms and at what time to replicate it in the future! 
  • Get the bigger picture with deep social account analytics to observe your whole brand account performance or compare your performance to your competitors.
  • Apply the insights to your business to identify your unique advantages.

No more feeling overwhelmed with multiple tabs

Bring all your direct messages from several social media accounts into one single place.

  • Increase your productivity and make sure you don’t miss any messages
  • Improve collaboration by assigning each message to the right team member, keeping your customers and followers happy with your brand
  • Scale, automate, and share your reports with the rest of your organization in order to take actions

What's inside Engage?

All you need to know about our feature

Speak with flair and never miss an opportunity to interact

Publishing and organization

Create posts with AI-caption and hashtag generator, manage your campaigns with tags and filters, weekly/monthly views, and a content preview


Schedule multiple social posts across different profiles and networks up to 12 months in advance


The unified social media inbox that brings together the inboxes of all your connected social media accounts

Create great content with your team

Content Library

Organize your brand and campaign assets for simplified content management with your entire team

Approval workflow

Manage multiple people working on your brand’s social strategy, with custom publishing permissions for each team member


Watch over the access to specific social account scheduling and analytics capabilities with workspaces

Analyze, mark what performed the best, repeat

Post analytics

Track your social post performances directly in your calendar: reach, likes, number of comments, and shares. Anything you need to know at a glance.

Social account report

A single click will take you to comprehensive analytics of your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn account. 

Best Time to post

For X (formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn, find our best time to post recommendations based on your account analysis.


Can I use Mention to answer people's comments on social media too?

Yes, you can use Mention to respond to people's comments on social media. Mention's social media management features allow you to monitor and engage with comments from various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Can I post Stories, Reels, and carousels on Instagram with Mention?

Mention's social media management features include the ability to create and schedule content for Instagram, allowing you to publish various types of posts, including Stories, Reels, and carousels, directly from the Mention platform. This streamlines the process of managing and scheduling content for Instagram, providing users with an integrated solution for social media management

Is there a time limit to answer the messages in Respond?

Yes. You may reply within 7 days of receiving your message. However, it's generally recommended to reply to messages in a timely manner to maintain good customer service and engagement levels. While there's no strict rule, aiming to respond to messages promptly, ideally within a few hours or less, is advisable to ensure a positive interaction with your audience

Can I post content from more than one social account at once?

Yes, with Mention's social media management features, you can post content from multiple social media accounts simultaneously. This allows you to streamline your social media publishing process by scheduling and publishing content across various social media platforms from a single dashboard. Whether you're managing multiple accounts for different brands or platforms, Mention's multi-account posting capabilities enable efficient content distribution across your social media presence.

How do I track engagement on my social media account?

You can track engagement on your social media account through two main methods in Mention:

  • Post-by-Post Analytics: Analyze engagement metrics, such as reach, impressions, likes, comments, shares, and more, for individual posts within the Mention platform.
  • Reports: Access comprehensive reports that provide an overview of your account's performance, including total engagements, reach, impressions, follower growth, and more.

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