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Share relevant content with your community and build your social media presence.

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Publish Approval workflow on Mention

Plan & manage social media posting from one tool

Gather your social accounts in one place thanks to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn integration. Schedule your posts in advance and choose when you want to publish them.

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Create social media content based on relevant insights

React to what’s happening by curating content, and responding to mentions on Facebook or Twitter - right from your feed. Create relevant & engaging posts and verify their layout before they are scheduled to be published.

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Measure the performance of your social media strategy

Access to key analytics on your published posts

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Improve your team collaboration

Assign different roles and publishing permissions to each member of the team to improve collaboration within your team, save time and avoid any kind of publishing mistakes. In-house collaboration and external agency relationship made simple. Your brand voice is heard loud and clear.

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What they say about us

Mention informs how we create a connection with our audience

Ashton Egner Communications Manager @KIIROO
Discover how KIIROO engage with customers thanks to Mention

KIIROO is an award-winning sex-tech company that is changing the way the world thinks about Teledildonics and sex technology. Mention's ability to monitor and filter between forums, blogs, web sources, and social media alleviated a ‘blind spot’ for the team.

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