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Uncover actionable insights on a brand, a market, a competitor, or a trend to prepare your brand for the long run.

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Maximize your
campaigns’ ROI

With Mention’s reports, you’ll be able to identify and measure the impact of your marketing efforts across multiple channels: online press, blogs, forums, social media, review sites and more.

  • Analyze the changes in mention volume and engagement rates
  • Identify key influencers or media who relayed your information
  • Evaluate the success of your campaigns and adjust them for maximum impact

Gain competitive advantage

Keeping tabs on your competitors' online activity is essential for staying ahead of the game. We've got you covered !

  • Track competitors’ influence worldwide, campaigns, media mentions and audience sentiment
  • Compare your competitors' data with your own
  • Apply the insights to your business to identify your unique advantages, differentiate your brand, and gain market share

Update your business strategy

Our reports provide you with a complete analysis of your brand's health, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities regarding current trends.

  • Drive your marketing strategy, product development, and overall business decisions
  • Identify new market opportunities (country, market segment...)
  • Scale, automate, and share your reports with the rest of your organization in order to take actions

What's inside Analyze?

All you need to know about our feature

Goal-focused reports for your business

Social Listening and Market Trends report

With volume of mentions, sentiment analysis, reach, word cloud, and spikes in mentions, Mention will be your perfect ally for campaign management or trend analysis.

Comparative report

Compare yourself to your competition, or simply start a market analysis. Measure share of voice, sources of influence, sentiment around your competitors...

Social analytics report

Go for the individualized report for your brand’s social account, or opt for a comparative view of any public social profile.

Reports tailored to your needs and identity


Create instant visualizations of your tracked topics with charts, maps and key numbers. No need to build a full report.

Custom report

Build a completely custom-made report based on one or several of your queries and any segmentation criteria.

White-labeled report

Specially designed for agencies, adapt your reports to your colors and logo.

Spread the knowledge

Collaborate with your team

Share data within the platform with your colleague, co-construct your perfect report, and maximize your knowledge

Share your report

Schedule and send your reports. You can even create a public link for your customers to access your report.

Export your report

Export in the most popular format: PDF, PPTX, XLS or CSV.


Can I use Mention to measure the ROI of my PR campaign?

Mention provides analytics and reporting features that allow you to track various metrics related to your campaign, such as the number of mentions generated, sentiment analysis, reach, engagement, and more. By comparing these metrics against the investment made in your PR campaign, you can assess its effectiveness and calculate its ROI.

How can I use the reports as an agency?

As an agency, you can leverage Mention's reporting features in several ways to provide value to your clients:

  • Customized Client Reports: Generate customized reports for each of your clients, showcasing relevant metrics such as mentions, sentiment analysis, reach, engagement, and more. Tailor the reports to align with each client's specific goals and KPIs.
  • Demonstrate Value: Use the reports to demonstrate the impact of your agency's efforts on your clients' brand visibility, reputation, and overall success. Highlight key findings, trends, and insights to illustrate the value you're providing.
  • Identify Opportunities: Use the data from Mention reports to identify opportunities for your clients to engage with their audience, address customer feedback, or capitalize on emerging trends and conversations in their industry.
  • Identify Opportunities: Use the data from Mention reports to identify opportunities for your clients to engage with their audience, address customer feedback, or capitalize on emerging trends and conversations in their industry. Benchmarking and Comparison: Compare your clients' performance against their competitors or industry benchmarks using Mention's analytics. This can help identify areas for improvement and inform strategic decision-making.
  • Campaign Evaluation: Evaluate the performance of specific campaigns or initiatives by tracking relevant metrics before, during, and after the campaign period. Use this data to assess the effectiveness of your strategies and make data-driven adjustments as needed.

How can I use Quick Chart?

QuickChart is a tool that lets you instantly generate charts on the fly for specific questions. This feature gives you access to instant data for a specific need whereas our reports cater to regular data needs and allow you to track changes in several indicators over time. Learn more about QuickChart here

Can I find influencers with Mention?

Yes, you can use Mention to identify influencers relevant to your brand or industry. By monitoring conversations and mentions across social media platforms, blogs, forums, and other online sources, Mention can help you identify individuals who have a significant influence on your target audience. You can track their mentions, analyze their engagement metrics, and assess their relevance to determine whether they align with your brand's goals and values. Additionally, Mention offers features like sentiment analysis and reach metrics, which can help you evaluate the impact and effectiveness of potential influencers. Learn more about this topic here

Can I get a share of voice report?

Yes, with Mention, you can generate a share of voice report. This report allows you to analyze the online presence and visibility of your brand compared to your competitors. It provides insights into the volume and sentiment of mentions for each brand within your industry, helping you understand your market position and track your brand's share of the online conversation.

Does Mention analyze the sentiment of a post?

Yes, Mention offers to analyze the sentiment of a mention, whether it comes from the web or social media. To find out more, click here.

Can I send a report to a colleague?

Yes, you can easily send reports to colleagues using Mention. Within the Mention dashboard, you should find options to export reports in various formats such as PDF, CSV, or Excel. Once you've generated the report, you can share it with your colleagues via email or by providing them with a direct download link. This allows you to collaborate with your team and share insights efficiently.

Am I able to export the data?

Yes, you can export data from Mention. Within the Mention dashboard, you should find options to export data in various formats such as PDF, CSV, or Excel. This allows you to analyze the data further, share it with colleagues, or integrate it into other reporting tools as needed.

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