Be in the know

Listen to online conversation and never miss
valuable information.

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Monitor what is being said online about a brand or a product

Never miss a conversation by monitoring extensive media sources. Focus on what matters by filtering the noise thanks to our Advanced Research, and always finding what you look for with our Smart folders. Receive daily recap with the key information of the day and Pulse emails anytime there is a peak of mentions.

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Get comprehensive analytics on your industry

Analyse and compare trends by tracking key metrics. Grasp the sentiment of conversations. Discover related topics with the word cloud. Get insights on competitors’ strategy with the social network competitor analysis. Know your audience on social media.

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Measure the impact of your marketing & PR activities

Get detailed dashboards and understand the trends at a glance with data visualisation. Provide relevant information and grant access to your team, share reports & public views, or connect to Mention through our API or with third-party tools. Schedule reports to receive them in your mailbox the day & time you want.

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What they say about us

For us it's a very effective tool

Sharone Toitou Community Manager @ACS
Discover how ACS monitor the web & social media with Mention

ACS is a French insurance company specializing in travel and relocation coverage. They use Mention to know what's being said across the web about their company and related fields. This enables them to adapt their offering, bring answers to their customers' questions, and identify crisis when they start to prevent them from spreading.

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