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$ 49 49 42 41 41 35
Per month Per month, billed yearly - Save 96$ Per month, billed yearly - Save 96€ Per month, billed yearly - Save 84£
Essential social listening and publishing capabilities.
  • 2 alerts
    Basic alerts
  • 5,000 mentions
  • 1 user
  • 1 account per social network


$ 99 99 84 83 83 71
Per month Per month, billed yearly - Save 192$ Per month, billed yearly - Save 192€ Per month, billed yearly - Save 168£
Enhanced social listening for teams including reporting features.
  • 5 alerts
    Basic alerts
  • 10,000 mentions
  • 10 users
  • 10 social accounts


$ 179 179 153 149 149 128
Per month Per month, billed yearly - Save 360$ Per month, billed yearly - Save 360€ Per month, billed yearly - Save 300£
Specify your monitoring results and improve team collaboration.
  • 7 alerts
    Basic & Standard alerts
  • 20,000 mentions
  • Unlimited users
  • 15 social accounts

Company Plan

Let's chat Let's chat
- -
Enjoy everything Mention has to offer and use Advanced Alerts for the most precise insights.
  • 10+ alerts
    Basic, Standard & Advanced alerts
  • 100,000+ mentions
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited social accounts

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$ 49 49 42 41 41 35
Per month Per month, billed yearly


$ 99 99 85 83 83 71
Per month Per month, billed yearly


$ 179 179 153 149 149 128
Per month Per month, billed yearly

Company Plan

Let's chat Let's chat Let's chat Let's chat Let's chat Let's chat
Billed yearly Billed yearly

Key infos of each plan

Type of alerts
An alert is built with keywords. Mention offers you three types of alerts, from the simplest to the most advanced using boolean filters
Basic Basic Basic & Standard Basic & Standard & Advanced
Number of alerts
The number of alerts depends on how many keywords you want to monitor. To track your brand and one of your competitors, you will need two alerts
2 5 7 10+
Number of mentions
A mention is an occurrence of the chosen keyword on the internet. The more precise you are in defining your alert, the more relevant your mentions will be.
5000 10000 20000 100000+
Historical data
- - - Up to 2 years, Add-on
Number of reports
0 5 7 Unlimited
Number of users
1 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of social accounts
4 10 15 Unlimited


Sources you can crawl

- - -
Monitor the keywords of any public post on Linkedin
-- -- -- Add-on
- - -
- - -
Radio & TV
Monitor US and Canadian channels regardless of where you are located worldwide. Available as as an add-on for the Company plan.
- - - Add-on

Pages you can track

Review sites
Monitor review sites like Trustpilot, Capterra, Booking…
Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 20 Custom
Twitter accounts
Up to 8 Up to 20 Up to 28 Unlimited
Instagram Business pages
Track every posts of a given Instagram Business page
Up to 8 Up to 20 Up to 28 Unlimited
Facebook Business pages
- Up to 20 Up to 28 Unlimited
Linkedin Business pages
- - - 5+

Metrics & KPI

Easily evaluate if the sentiment toward a specific mention is neutral, positive or negative and quickly interact with the person who wrote it
Easily identify where your mentions are coming from and discover the main channels of discussion for your monitored topics
Discover the influence score of each of your mentions based on its source and estimate their impact

Organize and manage your mentions

Advanced filtering
Save time by filtering by source, language, country, tag…
Tag categorization
Easily and automatically organize all your mentions with tags for quicker access to what you are most interested in
Real-time email notifications
Stay on top and react fast by receiving an email every time you collect a new mention
- - -

Social Media management

Interact on social media

Publish and schedule posts
Publish and schedule on all major social media networks (FB, IG, LKD, TW) with our easy to use calendar-view based feature
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin
Up to 4 accounts Up to 10 accounts Up to 15 accounts Unlimited
AI-powered caption generator
Use AI to generate captions for your posts in seconds
AI-powered hashtags generator
Instantly discover trending hashtags tailored to your content
Respond to posts and DM
Don't let any message escape you, either in comments or in your direct messages
Twitter and Facebook

Metrics & KPI

Post performance
Access KPIs like reach, impressions, reactions... and gather insights about your strategy!

Organize and manage your social media

Content library
Save time by easily organizing all your content and brand assets
Approval workflow
Ensure the consistency of your brand voice and avoid publishing mistakes by always validating social media posts
- -

Analytics & Reports

Available reports & Dashboards

All Your social media management and social listening insights in one place
See the bigger picture of your alert results with a quick and easy view thanks to our graph-builder
Alerts & social accounts reports
Go deeper inside each of your alerts and gather valuable data to optimize your strategies OR compare the performance of two alerts : two products, two brands...
Listening reports
- Up to 5 Up to 7 Unlimited
Social media comparative report
Benchmark social-media performance and gather market insights
- - -
Mention list report
A dedicated report to access all your relevant mentions in an instant
- - -
Custom reports
In addition of our ready-to-use reports, you can tailor yours to build your perfect report
- - -


An AI-driven feature designed to help you quickly grasp the essential insights from your reports.
- - -
Top mentions News, Web and Blogs
Hashtag cloud
The most popular hashtags associated to your monitoring subject on social media
A map of countries with the highest level of mentions

Actions you can take on reports

Share public link to your reports
- - -
Export your reports
Schedule your reports
- - -

Support & admin management

Help center and support
Role Management
Assign specific roles to your team members: social media post creator only, social media post creator and publisher…
- -
Workspaces organization
Split your account into multiple sub-accounts to maintain a privacy between different collaborators or brands you manage.
- - -
Dedicated Account Manager
- - -

Integrate Mention with other tools

RSS feed
- -
- -
Mention API
- - - Add-on


$ 49 49 42 41 41 35
Per month Per month, billed yearly


$ 99 99 85 83 83 71
Per month Per month, billed yearly


$ 179 179 153 149 149 128
Per month Per month, billed yearly

Company Plan

Let's chat Let's chat Let's chat Let's chat Let's chat Let's chat
Billed yearly Billed yearly

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Basic, Standard and Advanced alert?

A Basic Alert allows you to quickly monitor any topic, brand or competitor using a series of keywords. It comes with an assistant that suggest additional keywords and hashtags. A Standard Alert combines your keywords with boolean operators within a query builder to help further refine your results. An Advanced Alert is fully powered by Boolean Search and allows for custom query builds to create alerts using up to 2,000 characters. Both Standard and Advanced Alerts have the option to block or remove keywords, webpages or social accounts from your alert search for more refined results.

What is Boolean Search?

Boolean Search enables you to enhance the quality of your results and to monitor more precisely the topics that matter to you. While an alert is a simple keyword search, a Boolean alert makes use of operators like "AND", "NOT" and "OR". Say breakfast is your alert, you can have "breakfast NOT egg" as your Boolean alert to pin down your results. Only our Advanced Alert has the ability to build custom Boolean Queries, using up to 2,000 characters. Our Standard Alert offers a simplified but limited version of Boolean Search with the help of a query builder.

What’s the difference between alerts and mentions?

An alert is a keyword or set of keywords that Mention will crawl the web and social media for. A mention is a result that it finds. For example, if your alert is your company name, your mentions would be the places talking about it.

How do I know when there are new mentions?

Easy. You will get notifications sent by email or desktop push notifications. You can adjust your notification settings in your account.

Can I use Mention on my own website?

Of course! We provide an API for that. You can have a look at our detailed documentation at

Do you accept PayPal?

Mention does not support PayPal payments right now. We accept credit cards and, for annual plans, wire transfer/purchase order.

Do you offer discounts for NGOs?

Yes! We offer discounts for non-profit organisations. Please contact us if interested.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

The free trial grants you access to most of the features of the Company plan with no credit card needed! Once the 14 days of your trial is up, you'll have limited access to the platform. In order to continue benefiting from our services after your free trial, you'll have to upgrade to one of our plans.

Is it okay to change my plan?

Of course! You’re free to upgrade, downgrade, or delete your account whenever you’d like. The changes to your account will be effective starting the next billing period.

I cancelled my subscription. Can I get a refund?

Once you cancel your subscription, you move to a free account automatically. However, we cannot issue refunds or credits for partial use of service or the amount of time left in your subscription.

Can I delete my account at any time?

Yes, you can delete your account whenever you’d like, but we’ll be sorry to see you go!