About Mention

From social media to PR mentions, user reviews to blog comments, Mention helps leading brands track the most important conversations about their brand, competitors, and industry online.

We help our customers monitor and improve their social media performance, find influencers, protect their reputation, and provide better customer care. In short, Mention is a comprehensive media monitoring tool.

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Our Values

Discover our values and what it’s like to be a Mentioner onboard our rocket ship. It all started with #hashtags. In small teams, we thought of what means most to us, and how we motivate each other. Every value had to have a name, description, and a real example to illustrate it in action. After collecting the results and analyzing them, five stood out to us.



We are nothing without each other. We support each other, celebrate individuality, and always move together.
All for one, and one for all.



The possibilities are endless. We're ambitious, we want to lead, and we want to change the industry.
Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars.



We build, test, improve, and scale - better, faster, & smarter. And when it's done, we do it again.
Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.



We learn more from each other than the sound of our own voices. The more we listen, the more we learn.
Stop! Collaborate and listen.



We're not afraid to fail; we're afraid of not trying. We learn from our mistakes and always come back stronger.
I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Company History

It began in Paris with a simple idea: to help people learn what’s being said about them online. And the story is not finished yet!

Nov 2011

Mention was born! The first line of code (the beginning of the endpoint API that allows us to create an alert) was written by our CTO, Arnaud

June 2012

With a small but fearless team, we reached our first incredible milestone of collecting 1 billion mentions

Jan 2013

We established itself as a company in France

Mar 2013

We got our very first paying user and raised our first big seed round of funding of $800k - thanks to Alvin and Point Nine Capital

June 2013

We got our first 100k users on the platform

Jan 2015

We build our US team of 20 and launched our American HQ in the heart of NYC

Jan 2016

We launched ‘Mention Enterprise’ to focus on helping B2B and large enterprise clients; built a team of account managers

Oct 2016

We embarked on our first ever company retreat in ...Marrakech!

Dec 2016

We gained 250 enterprise clients in less than one year

May 2017

We moved into our spanking new HQ in one of Paris’ most booming neighbourhoods

Oct 2017

Bigger, better and more fun: our second company retreat in Ibiza

The future

We have one mission: get this rocket ship #tothemoon!

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